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Today’s latest sports news Monday, December 20



If you want to be up to date with all Today’s news updates, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the most important headlines of the Monday, December 20 that you should not miss, like these:

Summary of Real Madrid 0 – Cádiz 0: Madrid collides with the wall of Cádiz

The Spanish international Kawa Leauma, undergoing emergency surgery after a fall into the void

The Spanish international of the rugby team, Kawa Leauma, 32, was hospitalized and operated urgently last morning after the player suffered a fall into the void in the Dutch town of Leiden, where Spain is currently playing the European Championship. According to local media and Marca, the second line rushed from a poorly marked elevated area and received a blow to the head, causing a head injury. In the last hours, the information indicates that Leauma is in serious condition.

Sport, a daily fight against depression

Pablo del Río, a psychologist at the High Performance Center in Madrid, sets up a game when he begins to treat a Spanish athlete. He asks him to look at his elbow or arm because there, he tells them, the expiration date is engraved. It is a way of getting the athlete out of reality, of beginning to train the mind to know that one day retirement will come, the dreaded goodbye to the tinsel of competition and training, and that he needs to prepare, study, train in a plan B , assume that sport is a passing activity. Mental health has ceased to be taboo in sport to become an axis.

Isidre Esteve: «I don’t like to complain, I feel very lucky»

Everyone who knows him well says the same: Isidre Esteve He is a person who makes himself loved. His exquisite treatment, his closeness, his enthusiasm when explaining things stand out about him … Beyond his character, they underline his incredible ability to cope with disability, to challenge himself in the face of all difficulties. To make normal what is extraordinary for others. He listens and almost blushes. He doesn’t like so much praise. “It’s actually easy because I do what I like the most,” he explains to ABC. «And on top, sometimes, with some incredible times. In the end it comes down to this. I am privileged to have a formidable team and sponsors who trust me.

The energy of the children relieves Barça

Every match of Xavi Hernandez on the Barcelona bench is a new message from the coach, who does not hide the team’s shortcomings or the problems he has encountered. The dressing room, the heavyweights, the president or the former coach have been some of the recipients of his puyas, shared by a hobby that appreciates the sincerity and coherence of the Egarense. The last message expresses his courage in the commitment to the quarry and the youth and is a declaration of intentions regarding footballers such as Coutinho, Umtiti or Luuk de Jong, discarded for his project that started from scratch since the elimination in the Champions League.

Vallecas, a Champions fort at the height of Munich or Paris

The emblematic Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas can boast of having one of the fittest teams in the Spanish league. Those of Iraola added a new victory yesterday (2-0 against Alavés) and already they are fourth, with 30 points and tenants of one of the places that give access to the Champions League. Beyond the obvious good health of the team, the streak of results throws a devastating data: they are the most difficult group to beat when playing at home.

Barrage of suspensions due to the wave of infections in the NBA

The NBA announced the suspension of five games, three of them on Sunday, due to the wave of covid-19 cases that teams face. Sunday’s postponed games are those that the Atlanta Hawks would play against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Brooklyn Nets against the Denver Nuggets and the Philadelphia 76ers against the New Orleans Pelicans.

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