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WhaleFin: the new bitcoin trading platform that you should know

Key facts:
  • At WhaleFin users can trade more than 100 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

  • The platform has free tools to invest efficiently.

In December 2021, Amber Group, a world-class financial services company, announced the launch of a new trading platform: WhaleFin. The goal behind this launch is to help investors generate profits from digital assets, including bitcoin.

A) Yes, with WhaleFin it is intended grant access to the cryptocurrency market to an increasing number of people. And with the expertise of its parent company, Amber Group, this platform has a lot to offer those investors who want to adapt to the popular world of decentralized finance.

What’s new on the WhaleFin trading platform?

WhaleFin is not a trading platform like those that already exist today. What is new about it is that it is an all-in-one tool, in which It is not only possible to exchange bitcoin and tokens, but also to make leverage, improve the performance of assets in the user’s portfolio and access loans.

Universality and ease of use were the main characteristics that Amber Group kept in mind when creating WhaleFin. And the platform is designed for all types of users, from the most experienced to beginners who are just starting out in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

WhaleFin combines features from Amber Pro and the Amber app. So, it has Institutional grade financial services but with a friendly interface, simple and attractive for anyone.

“WhaleFin represents the gateway to the new world of finance, which will be supported by the growth of the metaverse and the growing prominence of digital assets. At Amber Group, we are incredibly excited to help shape this decentralized future as we bring investors of all levels into the world of cryptocurrencies. “

Michael Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of Amber Group

These are the characteristics of WhaleFin

An advantage of WhaleFin is that anyone can access institutional-level trading tools, but with a simple interface that adapts well to all types of devices, both mobile and desktop. The platform has two versions, both designed to meet the needs of a specific audience.

The first, known as the PRO version, has comprehensive trading functions for diversified investment activities. The second is Lite, which is intended for beginners who want to buy, exchange and invest with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies quickly and safely.

A key feature of WhaleFin is that allows you to generate long-term profits. Users can maximize their returns with the platform’s services, designed to monetize their vision of the market. In addition, this entire investment experience is completely customizable.

On the other hand, WhaleFin supports custom algorithmic executions with automated ICEBERG, TWAP and VWAP orders, with minimal impact on price. The user will receive a detailed transaction cost analysis report, helping them make better investment decisions. Flexibility and a high degree of security are other characteristics that make this trading platform attractive.

“As the ecosystem matures and becomes increasingly sophisticated, it is important that we help facilitate a connected and inclusive global marketplace and uphold the democratic spirit of DeFi. This not only critically drives innovation to advance our global economy, it is also the spirit of opportunity and the seed to create a better world for all. “

Michael Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of Amber Group

Learn more about Amber Group and WhaleFin in their Web page and social networks: Twitter, Facebook Y YouTube.

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