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A professor hides a cash award within his study program and no student finds it



Students in a class at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga learned their lesson the hard way after losing a hidden prize in their syllabus.

Kenyon Wilson, associate director of performing arts, told CNN that left for his 71 students a clue in his syllabus about a $ 50 bill that he had left hidden.

Wilson used the new protocols on Covid-19 to try to draw attention to the content of the syllabus. “The first day of class I told them that things had changed and to make sure they read them,” the educator explained to the outlet.

Among the text of the program, the clue read: «Free for the first to claim it; locker one hundred and forty seven; combination fifteen, twenty-five, thirty-five ».

Inside that locker for a lucky student was a $ 50 bill and a note that said, “Congratulations! Please leave your name and date so we know who found it. “

Wilson revealed his surprise on Facebook on December 8 when “Recovered the unclaimed treasure” from hiding after final exams.

“My one-semester experiment has come to an end,” wrote the professor on social media. “I put $ 50 in one of our lockers and included the number and combination of the locker in my syllabus for a class with more than 70 enrollees.”

“I know my students read, and I don’t expect them to religiously go over everything word for word, but I wanted to reward them,” Wilson told CNN.

“This class generally has the same format each semester, so students know what to expect and don’t take time to read the syllabus as we should,” said Haley Decker, one of the students.

I think this was a really smart experiment. It definitely made music students realize that despite the repetitive information, they still needed to read their syllabus carefully, ”Decker said.

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