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Aigües de Barcelona adapts the service to vulnerable clients and clients with special needs

Waters of Barcelona announced this Tuesday the implementation of new services in its customer service offices with the aim of adapting to the needs of vulnerable groups or groups with special needs. The program, dubbed ‘With you‘, has meant the implementation in the last two months of service in Urdu, English, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese, in its main service channels: telephone and offices. Likewise, the company has established, through a collaboration agreement with Fesoca (Federació de persones sordes de Catalunya), a video interpretation service in Catalan sign language (LSC), with which it guarantees that people with hearing disabilities have the same access to information and communication and can carry out the procedures under the same conditions as the rest of the citizenry. The availability of the bill in Braille for the visually impaired is another measure to promote more inclusive care. Another example is the use of reusable hygienic masks with a transparent window in customer service offices, to promote communication with people with hearing disabilities.

The renovated Badalona Customer Service Office is an example of an office adapted for people with disabilities, the result of a company project that involved the participation of staff in decision-making. Responding to Aigües de Barcelona’s commitment to people with disabilities, and in collaboration with Pilar Díaz, former Secretary of State for Social Services and disability specialist, a 100% accessible space was created with biophilic criteria, that is, creating zones more spacious and diaphanous, improving access to natural light and betting on the use of sustainable wood, plants and a source of tap water.

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For situations of economic vulnerability, the objective of Aigües de Barcelona is to guarantee that all those people who may require any of the available aid are aware of it and can request it in a simple and agile way. In this sense, the creation of the Solidarity Fund in 2012 represented a step forward for the company to protect the people who needed it most, given the lack of any public protection mechanism. Almost a decade later, Aigües de Barcelona has promoted a new social tariff, as a structural mechanism with the same purpose as the Solidarity Fund: to facilitate the payment of water bills for households in vulnerable situations. The new social tariff has made it possible to increase the reduction of the service fee and of the vital consumption sections of the water supply from 50% to 100% for groups and families in vulnerable situations. 53,000 households in the metropolitan area have already benefited from this measure.

In addition to the web ( or the app, customers can consult or carry out any management through the new video call service or the virtual assistance chatbot, in which Answers to your most common queries are provided.

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