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Airbnb gets tough: toughens its rules for bookings on New Year’s Eve

Airbnb has decided tighten their conditions for booking accommodation on New Year’s Eve. The platform seeks with this measure to prevent private parties from being held that do not comply with the rules established by local authorities.

As collected The Verge, the users of the platform that do not have a history of positive evaluations They will not be able to make reservations of one, two or even three nights for entire accommodations on December 31st.

This new preventive measure for New Years Eve will reach guests with negative reviews from United States, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

However, those who have positive evaluations and wish to make reservations in any of the aforementioned countries will not be affected by the prevention measures, that is, they will not suffer any restrictions.

Airbnb and its anti-party measures

Since August 2020 Airbnb prohibits the holding of parties and events in accommodations booked through its platform around the world. It also limits their maximum capacity to 16 people.

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Airbnb’s rules tightened even more in November 2020 to end “abusive conduct by hosts and guests”. The new rules include noise limitations, unauthorized guests, parking, smoking ban, and cleanliness standards.

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