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Albares dismisses Moroccan criticism of Spain’s management of the pandemic as “unacceptable”




The two contacts that Spain and Morocco had maintained until now after the migration crisis of last May, it seems that they have not been enough to produce a real rapprochement of positions in the deteriorated relations between countries.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Albares, described this morning as “unacceptable” the criticism of Morocco on the management that Spain is carrying out of the pandemic. Albares’ reaction came after the accusations from Morocco, which stated in a statement that the Government would not be controlling “adequately and strictly” the health status of the passengers or the vaccination passport during the boarding process on flights leaving from Spain.

These statements were made by Morocco this morning in a statement from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, where it accused Spain of assuming a “threat” to the Moroccan population due to the “lack of compliance with the health protocols against COVID-19”. In the letter, the Moroccan Government reported that will not resume flights to Spain.

At a press conference with his Luxembourg counterpart, Jean Asselborn, Minister Albares acknowledged this morning that Rabat has not used diplomatic channels to communicate its position and criticized its doing so in a statement, since, according to Albares, these statements “They do not correspond to reality”.

Contacts between embassies

The head of Spanish diplomacy has used the relevant channels to express a formal complaint to Morocco for this statement. As reported, the Ministry has contacted the Spanish Embassy in Rabat and the Moroccan Embassy in Madrid to make it clear that the Government does not consider the Moroccan statement “at all acceptable”.

As ABC has learned, the Moroccan charge d’affaires – who has been in charge of the legation since the ambassador, Karima Benyaich, was called for consultations last May – has been summoned to a meeting with a government representative. On this meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not want to make any comment and refer to the words of Albares at the press conference.

This new scuffle with Rabat comes after Albares defended last Thursday in the Senate Foreign Committee that “the crisis with Morocco is behind us”: “The crisis has passed that moment of shock, and now we have to build a neighborhood relationship, which is complex, “Alabares commented last week.

In the statement of the department headed by the minister Khalid Ait Taleb, they assure that in Spanish airports vaccination certificates are not verified. “After observing the travel procedures, it was found that the competent Spanish authorities do not carry out due and strict control of the state of health of passengers at the time of boarding at their airports,” underlines the Moroccan ministry.

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