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Alfonso Fernández Mañueco: “An absolute majority is possible to keep Sanchismo away from Castilla y León”

After revolutionizing national politics with the call for early elections in Castilla y León, the president of the Board attends ABC after a marathon day –with an evening appointment in León included to prepare for the regional congress in mid-January– and defends the decision taken “personally” as the only way out from the risk of a new socialist motion of censure that would lead the community to a government “supported by turncoats” including its hitherto ‘partners’ of Ciudadanos, whom it directly accuses of “Treason” when considering that they wanted a pact with the PSOE and Por Ávila to carry out the amendments of the Avila formation without counting on the Popular Party.

may your decision to advance the elections surprise the citizens of Castilla y León and also the rest of the country?

“Yes, but I didn’t choose the moment.” The options were a vote of no confidence and a Frankenstein government supported by turncoats or to call elections and give a voice to the people of this land at the polls.

—He argues a “betrayal” of his Cs partners with the budgets to call the elections. When and how did you learn about this “disloyalty” as you define it?

—We have all seen the public statements this past weekend and the days before. Citizens secretly negotiating with Por Ávila, the Cs spokesman saying that what his local party requests will be done, the PSOE giving public support to those accounts and Por Ávila celebrating this support.

“It is evident that a positive electoral result in this Community would further strengthen the party”

—In any case, the electoral runrún had been installed in Castilla y León for several months. Since when were you considering this possibility?

“I’ve always said that my intention was to exhaust the legislature if stability was guaranteed.” With treachery, disloyalty and intrigue that stability has been broken. The situation was untenable.

“Couldn’t one last attempt be made then to redirect the situation?”

—The blackmail of supporters with privileges that works with the Prime Minister with me is not valid. I do not accept blackmail from anyone. If Ciudadanos and Tudanca –leader of the PSOE in Castilla y León– want to give in to blackmail, they cannot do it on my behalf or on that of the PP. I don’t want a Persian market for this land. If anyone has wanted to play at being like Rufián, I’m not going to be like Sánchez.

—There are critical voices that question the call for elections in the middle of the sixth wave of Covid. What does it tell them?

—My government continues to work and fighting the pandemic is a priority. We will continue to protect people’s lives and health.

«Pablo Casado is the president that Spain needs. What we need is for you to arrive as soon as possible at the Palacio de la Moncloa »

—Have you been bothered by some of the criticism you have received in these hours from members of the Government, the PSOE and your former Citizens partners?

—I look to the future of Castilla y León and what worries and occupies me are its citizens. The rest, I put aside.

—Pablo Casado has encouraged you to summon them or have you been the one who has convinced him that it had to be done?

—The decision was mine and I have to thank Pablo Casado for his support.

– The favorable polls for the PP, like the one published yesterday on ABC, have also weighed on your decision?

“I repeat that I have not chosen the moment.” I have made the decision thinking about the best for Castilla y León. I risk my personal present to guarantee the future of the people of Castilla y León.

—And what results do you hope to achieve in the elections?

—I hope to gain the trust of the majority of people in the community. They all fit in my project. This is the moment to decide between sanchismo or future.

“An absolute majority is possible?”

-Yes. It is necessary to concentrate the vote in the Popular Party to have a sufficient majority to drive away the sanchismo from Castilla y León.

“I would like to be able to govern with a sufficient majority but I believe in dialogue and agreement with everyone”

– If in your day there was talk of the ‘Ayuso effect’ after winning in Madrid, do you think that the ‘Mañueco effect’ could now occur if you get a great result in Castilla y León?

—The ‘Mañueco effect’ that I want is the modernization of Castilla y León, the protection of people, quality public services, economic recovery and employment to create opportunities for the future.

– Would you sign now to be able to govern alone with the specific support of Vox as happens in the neighboring community?

—I would like to be able to govern with a sufficient majority but I believe in dialogue and agreement with everyone. It is my way of understanding politics and I have demonstrated it with institutional agreements, with agreements with other political forces, with social dialogue with unions and employers and with civil dialogue, with the associative fabric.

– Would Pablo Casado’s leadership reinforce a resounding victory in this community?

—Pablo Casado is the president that Spain needs. What we need is for you to arrive at the Moncloa Palace as soon as possible. I have not considered whether the call for elections is good or bad for the PP, if not if it is for Castilla y León. But it is clear that a positive electoral result in the community of Castilla y León would strengthen the party.

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