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Amazon with improvement of analysts, but on the verge of losing what it gained in 2021

Amazon it has been hit in the last two weeks, so that it marks negative levels even in the last month, for something more than the global uncertainty that affects by the omicron variant and concerns about the Federal Reserve tapering and the rise in interest rates, which, on up to three occasions, is expected in 2022.

And it is that, in just two weeks there has been a new downfall of the AWS system, Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing service that has affected globally, although with special incidence to its clients in the United States.On December 9 and 15 there have been “blackouts” in its operation and connection, up to 6 hours on your servers and numerous companies.

The company points out that this drop is due to an error in an automated process, and even affected in such a way that Amazon teams could not detect what was the failure that had occurred in the system, as it affected internal controls and AWS monitoring tools.

In view of the complaints of those affected, the company indicates that it will launch a new version of its page in which the Service Health Dashboard informs about the situation of the service, to detect in advance future problems that may arise.

In its stock chart we see how sluggishness, in the form almost of laterality it hovers over the value which presents accumulated cuts, in the last five sessions somewhat higher than 1% and 6.2% in the previous month. It does not move in quarterly percentage, while in the current year it barely earns 3%.

Amazon annual price quote

From Tipranks all the experts consulted bet, unanimously, to buy the security in the market: 30 of the experts are 30 purchase recommendations for Amazon, something that is not usual, especially with its dynamics of the last month. Regarding the stock target price reaches $ 4,127.50, with a preview 23% potential.

Amazon recommendations and target price

More Recommendations S&P Capital IQ average security price target is $ 4,129.86, what gives you advances greater than 21% compared to their current market price levels. Among the latter stand out the hefty $ 4,500 per share that you just awarded at your target price Cowen and his analyst John Blackledge, with advice to overweight their shares.

Consider Amazon, as Goldman did a few days ago, the best idea for 2022, as it considers security to be one of the most notable options in large-cap stocks. Consider that the accelerated growth of its sales from the second quarter of 2022, They give great potential to value. It estimates that there will be strong growth in its cloud computing and that it will also be supported by the advertising business in improving its operating margin.

Regarding its technical levels, we see that from the premium indicators prepared by Investment Strategies, we find that the value moves in consolidation mode with a reduction of two points over its previous levels. This places you in 6.5 total points out of 10 possible for value. On the negative side, the medium-term trend stands out, which is downward, long-term business volume that is decreasing and also its broad range in the medium term, which is increasing for Amazon.

On the other side highlights the long-term uptrend of the value, the total moment, which, in its two aspects, both slow and fast, is positive, with increasing business volume in the medium term and favorable volatility in the long term, since it is decreasing for Amazon.

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