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Belgium is the first NATO country to recognize a cyber attack through Log4Shell

Despite recently released patches, the Log4Shell vulnerability appears to be far from being a headache for most Internet platforms. Cybercriminal groups they try to exploit it thousands of times per second and sometimes they get what they want. The Belgian Ministry of Defense has become the first NATO country to fall victim to this security breach.

As explained The Register, the Belgian security body detected last Thursday a cyberattack on your computer network with Internet access. This event forced them to “take quarantine measures to isolate the affected parties” and thus keep the defense network of the European country operational. However, “some activities of the ministry were paralyzed for several days.”

Belgian Defense Ministry spokesman Olivier Severin noted that the attackers they took advantage of the Log4Shell vulnerability. However, it did not specify whether their systems were affected by ransomware or some other type of malicious program. Nor did it provide details on which activities were affected by the isolation measures of its network.

A security problem that goes on for a long time

As we explained a days ago, Log4Shell has been rated by some cybersecurity experts as worst vulnerability ever. This is because it resides in a Java registry library widely used by systems around the world. And although patches have been released to mitigate it, there is little we can do as users, it is up to companies to apply them as quickly as possible.

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But the possibility of protecting systems through patches will not be the same for everyone. Some companies, due to their size and resources, will be able to apply the patches quickly, achieving an improved level of protection. Smaller companies or outdated systems could be further affected by patches that take time to arrive or never reach the systems that your customers use. However, the fact that a defense ministry has been affected speaks of the high danger of Log4Shell.

Image | Belgian Ministry of Defense

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