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Catalunya, the sixth community with the most expensive homes for the elderly

Grow old in a home It can cost up to 1,500 euros more per month depending on where you live in Spain. Y Catalonia it is the sixth most expensive community to do so. These centers for the elderly cost just over 1,800 euros a month on average in this community, a figure considerably higher than the average retirement pension in the territory, of about 1,200 euros, but which has hardly grown in the last ten years.

This is indicated by a study by the search engine and residence comparator Inforesidences, which shows that the Catalan average has only risen 3.5% compared to 2011. This makes it the second community with the most stable price -only behind the Valencian Community- although it is true that there are five others in that the cost is lower than a decade ago.

Regarding the portrait by province, residences in Barcelona cost approximately 200 euros more on average per month than those in Girona, Lleida Y Tarragona, which are all close to 1,700 euros per month.

Center ratio

According to the information handled by the portal, Catalonia ends the year with a total of 62,600 places in nursing homes, almost 80% of which are in private centers. “According to the indications of international organizations, there should be five places in nursing homes for every 100 elderly people,” the document states. “In Catalonia this figure stands at 4.03 places, below the recommendation and in line with the national average [4,08 plazas]”, Add.

This ratio leaves Catalonia behind eleven communities: there are seven that even exceed the recommended figure, with the two Castillas and Extremadura at the fore.

The role of management

The data for all of Spain -recovered from a third of the total private places in the country- place the Basque Country at the forefront of the ranking: its centers cost an average of 2,600 euros per month and this price is 28% higher than in 2011. They complete the podium of the most expensive communities Navarra (2,380 euros) and The Rioja (2,080 euros), in the first case also with a price increase of more than 20%. Catalonia also has ahead of Andalusia (1,940 euros) already Madrid (1.900).

“Growth [del precio] it is very marked by how much the administration pays ”, contextualizes Anna Cebrián, spokesperson for the platform. “Where the administration pays more, the places are more expensive, and where they pay less, they cost less,” he details.

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In this sense, on the other side of the scale, the communities with the cheapest nursing homes are Castilla la Mancha, Estremadura Y Castile and Leon, whose centers cost on average 1,100, 1,200 and 1,400 euros respectively. All three are also at the bottom of the list in terms of the fluctuation of these prices, which falls by 13.5% in Castilla-La Mancha and slightly less than 1% in Extremadura, but increases by 4.8% in Castilla and Leon.

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