Friday, July 1

Close contacts will not have to be quarantined if they are vaccinated with the full regimen




The Public Health Commission has reviewed at its meeting this Tuesday the quarantine recommendations for close contacts in the current context of high incidence and wide circulation of the new variant of the coronavirus, Ómicron.

By majority, according to the Ministry of Health, it has been decided that people who have received a complete vaccination schedule and are close contacts of a positive case, they will not need to perform a 10-day home quarantine. However, these individuals will be instructed that during this 10-day period after the last contact with a confirmed case they must limit your activities to essentials, reducing their social interactions as much as possible, scrupulously follow preventive measures such as the use of masks and carry out a close surveillance for the possible appearance of compatible symptoms.

The Public Health Commission also insists on the importance of speed up vaccination both of unvaccinated people over 12 years of age and of booster doses in authorized groups, especially the most vulnerable; and vaccination in children from 5 to 11 years old.

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