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Colombia hands over the last “mule” in the Miñanco case




The Colombian authorities have handed over to Spain the last “mule” of the Mito case, for which they have been prosecuted for crimes of drug trafficking and money laundering, among others, Ramón Prado Burgallo, better known as Sito Miñanco, and fifty individuals and legal entities, including Carles Puigdemont’s lawyer, Gonzalo Boye. No one is being investigated since he is a fugitive from justice and after the prosecution of the recently extradited person, the case returns to the oral trial.

This is José Luis Correa Incapié, whom the investigation places as part of the group of “Human emails” to which Sito Miñanco and his subordinates used, Manuel Pedro González Rubio, Manuel Puentes Saavedra and Luis Enrique García Arango, to hide and send the benefits to Colombia
of drug trafficking operations that, even while in prison, continued to command

The National Court issued an international arrest warrant against him but it was not finally delivered until this month of December, when the investigator María Tardón, After taking a statement, he released him with precautionary measures and set a bond for his alleged civil liability of 900,000 euros. This Tuesday he takes an investigatory statement for that prosecution, which has joined the case and will later travel to the Criminal Chamber for the closing of the summary, according to the car that ABC had access to.

He was one of the five detected on February 6, 2017 at the Barajas Airport when they were preparing to take out from Spain on an Avianca flight to Bogotá about 900,000 euros in cash hidden in their luggage. Specifically, Correa Incapié found 92,460 euros in the handbag and another 80,150 euros in the double bottom of the suitcase that he had already checked in. Everything, in 200 and 500 bills. He was arrested on the spot and what he said, like the rest, is that the money belonged to González Rubio, who went with them and argued that the funds were to set up a company.

But the money belonged to Sito and had to be recovered. This is how Gonzalo Boye entered this story. According to the indictment, García Arango, Puentes Saavedra and Miñanco himself met with him and another lawyer, Jesús Morán, a few days after the seizure at the airport. «They informed them that they would prepare some documents and present some contracts for the sale of bills of exchange as collateral for some mortgage loans in the sanctioning file that would thus allow to justify the legal origin of the intervened money», Say the conclusions of the investigation.

The “fictitious” documents

According to the judge, “they reached an agreement” that Sito Miñanco “would pay Morán 90,000 euros for these letters and for drawing up the contracts, 30,000 when the documents were presented, of which Boyé received 10,000 euros at that time». Finally, the lawyers gave González Rubio the documentation to sign so that he could claim the 900,000 euros seized. The problem is that the bills of exchange and contracts turned out to be “fictitious.”

Both lawyers are also prosecuted for having presented them in the sanctioning file “knowing that they were false” and with the aim of recovering the money “and hiding that it ultimately came from drug trafficking.” The Criminal Chamber rejected Boye’s appeal against his prosecution, confirming the decision of
Judge María Tardón to line him up to the bench for indications of money laundering

Before the delivery of Correa Incapié, the Criminal Chamber has returned the case to Tardón so that he can add his prosecution. While waiting to know whether or not to appeal for the facts that are imputed to him, this is the last step to close the proceedings. Once this procedure has been solved, the summary will return to the Third SectionNow yes, for the conclusion and opening of oral proceedings.

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