Saturday, June 25

Engadget Live 7×03: I want to be fit, but … how good are the donuts!

We reached the end of the season of Xataka Live, our entertainment and technology program associated with the Xataka Awards, and we do it with a program dedicated to that duality that many of us have faced at some time: eat all we want or be fit.

Yes, because I, for example, drool when I see a donut with its chocolate fondant, but then I do not like to see that I am short of breath when climbing stairs. Luckily, in recent years technology brands have been launching more and more products focused on the sport and health, like smart watches or quantifying bracelets, which, deep down, are great tools to be able to eat a quiet donut because you know that later you are going to burn it while exercising.

And that’s exactly what we do in this program: we show our Joseba Pérez a donut and a custard apple. He loves donuts and hates custard apples, so the challenge is that if he burns more kcal than an average custard apple has (about 75 kcal), he can eat a donut. If not, eat custard apple.

All this while we talk to Javier de Cabo, Retail Marketing Manager de Amazfit Spain, our guest today and with whom we spoke about the family of smartwatches Amazfit GTR 3 and the success they are having in the Spanish market.

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Thank you very much for joining us for another year!

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