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Estela, a stranger among the Mossos to banish the ‘singular’ command of Trapero




«We come to banish the first person singular from the Body of the Mossos». With these words, in which many interpreted a veiled criticism of his predecessor’s personalist leadership, the commissioner premiered yesterday Josep Maria Estela as the new head of the Catalan police. And is that unlike the elder Josep Lluís Trapero, Estela
He was a “great unknown”, both for a large part of the agents and for the public, until last week he detailed the operation to arrest the vigilante who wounded three colleagues and a mosso after starring in a shooting in Tarragona.

Precisely the 51-year-old commissioner was in charge of this police region, until yesterday it was announced that he would relieve the oldest as head of the Catalan police.

Although his name began to sound in the pools last week, ahead was that of the commissioner Cristina Manresa. A change, that of putting a woman in charge of the Corps, which matched the intention of the Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, to “feminize” it.

Finally, and under the pretext of “generational change” -although between this and Trapero there are only five years difference-, the chosen one was this curator who, In his 27-year career in the Mossos, he has passed through six of the nine police regions, which led Interior to praise his “roots” with the territory. As an agent, he was part of the citizen security unit in Figueras (Girona), worked with a sergeant in Pallars Sobirá (Lleida), and was also second in command in the Ponent region (Lleida). From there he went to Tarragona.

During her presentation this Monday, Estela set among her priorities “making decisions collectively and working as a team”, as well as betting on the proximity model as part of the “brand” of the Catalan police.

Regarding his training, the curator studied Law at the University of Lleida and completed a program in Public Policies and Security at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). He has also worked as a teacher at the Police School of Catalonia.

Along with him, the new leadership of the Mossos will be made up of the commissioner Eduard Sallent, who was already in charge of the Corps before the restitution of Trapero -between June 2019 and November of the following year-, and also the mayor Rosa Bosch, until now second in command of the General Commissariat for Institutional Relations, Prevention and Mediation.

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