Friday, July 1

European stocks bounce and the Ibex 35 recovers 8,300 without much force

The DAX rose 0.97% to 15,407.1 points, the French CAC 40 advanced 1.05E to 6,941.95, the London FTSE 100 rose 0.89% to 7,261.70 and the Italian stock market adds 0.96% to 26,430.00. For its part, the Euro Stoxx 50 adds 1.10% to 4,152.05. At this time, the Ibex 35 rises 0.9% to 8,320 points.

Among the values ​​that increased the most at the opening, there are ArcelorMittal shares, which rose 2.9% at the opening – to 28.5450 euros – and BBVA, which, at a rate of 1.7%, is trading at 5 , 03 euros. A few steps away Repsol rises 1.4%, Acerinox increases its price by 1.2% while Acerinox rises 1.5%.

All in a session in which all the values ​​of the Ibex 35 have started with rises although Grifols A has not been slow to turn around. At this time, it is trading slightly negative at 15.67 euros. Among the securities that rose the least in the session are Iberdrola, which recorded 0.18%, and Telefonica, which raised its listed price by 0.25%, which opened at 3.8390 euros.

Yesterday the board of MERLIN Properties promised to reform its governance structure, but retains its CEO, Ismael Clemente. The value scores more than 1.4% after being one of the most penalized in yesterday’s session.

Lebrikizumab, Almirall’s IL-13 cytokine inhibitor, was shown to significantly improve the severity of atopic dermatitis when combined with topical corticosteroids (TCS) in people with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis (AD) in a third pivotal trial of phase III (ADhere) announced today by Almirall SA At week 16, the study met all primary and key secondary endpoints. Almirall has the rights to develop and commercialize lebrikizumab for the treatment of dermatological indications, including AD, in Europe. The stock is up 0.28% at the open.

In the continuous market, Global Dominion shares rose more than 4.5%, opening at 4.5600 euros, followed by Grupo Ezentis and Aedas Homes, which added just over 2% to their price.

Clinica Baviera moved in negative territory, which lost 5.9% – up to 19 euros – Lar Espana and Elecnor, with losses of more than one and a half percentage points.

In addition, OHS, a subsidiary of Otis Corporation, has signed a contract with Eurosyns, the 11.19% shareholder of Zardoya Otis, by which it undertakes to accept the OPA for all the shares of Zardoya Otis SA formulated by OHS to a price of 7.14 euros, a price that incorporates an improvement of 0.21 euros. The company rises in the continuous market more than 1.8%, to 7.11 euros.

The Board of Directors of Prosegur Cash has approved the distribution of an ordinary interim dividend charged to the distributable profits for the current year at the rate of 0.01970 euros gross for each share. This represents a maximum total dividend of 30,002,049.66 euros and implies an implicit return on the current price of the company of 3.5%. This ordinary interim dividend will be paid in four payments of 25% of the maximum total dividend each. The first payment will be made in January 2022 and the following will be carried out in the months of April, July and October 2022. Its shares rise 1.8% at the opening.

Good session in Asia despite Wall Street shutdown

Among the references of the day are the Gfk index of consumer climate in Germany, industrial sales in Italy, retail sales in the United Kingdom and consumer confidence in the Euro Zone. In the United States we will know the Redbook index of retail sales and the weekly oil reserves of the API. Shortly before the opening it was known that the GfK institute’s index of consumer confidence fell to -6.8 in January. The December data was revised downward, from -1.6 to -1.8. A Reuters poll of analysts had forecast the figure to hit -2.7 in January.

And it is that concern about the impact that this new variant of Covid -19 may have continues to grow in the heat of the measures that different economies are taking to stop its spread. In Spain, Catalonia accelerates restrictions with the closure of nightlife and provision of a curfew while the Netherlands has opted for the global confinement of its population and the closure of many non-essential services. Investors fear that these types of measures will be replicated by other countries / regions, although there is no empirical study that shows that so far they have been effective in the fight against the virus, they acknowledge in Link Securities.

This morning we learned that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has given the green light to the American vaccine Novavax. The complete Novavax regimen is inoculated in two injections three weeks apart between the first and second doses. It can be stored, handled and distributed at temperatures between 1.7 and 7.8 degrees Celsius, unlike the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine.

Some data that will arrive after a positive closing in the Asian stock markets. The Nikkei rose 2%, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng 0.9% and the Shanghai Composite rose just over eight tenths at the close. Markets that have rebounded to a great extent after knowing that The Government of China is encouraging the country’s banks to support the residential sector with new loans, a sector that is going through a deep crisis, with many large corporations being unable to service their debt.

All after one bearish session on Wall Street with indices closing with losses of more than one percentage point. The S&P 500 closed at 4,568 points, the Dow Jones at 34,932 points and the Nasdaq, which was the one that fell the most at the close, marked its last level at 14,980 points.

Without leaving the US, US Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said Monday that White House staff did “inexcusable” things that led him to make the decision to publicly reject the social spending package. and climate of the Government, which endangers the project. In addition, the United States advises Americans to avoid traveling to Spain and Finland for fear of COVID-19, according to Reuters.

The good tone shown this morning by the price of crude oil stands out, a variable that fell sharply yesterday, driven by the news that armed men have blocked several of the main oil-producing plants in Libya. At this time, the West Texas crude future rises 0.7%, over $ 69.11 while Brent is trading at $ 71.41 after scoring just over four tenths.

In the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin rises with great force. SE scores more than 4% at the open and is trading at $ 48,507 while the euro rises slightly to $ 1.1295.

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