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How much do Sálvame collaborators charge?

Save me‘is the program of the heart of Telecinco that, dfter 10 years of programs aired, continues to be very successful with the audience. It is dedicated to generating controversial, unveil exclusive, create a show entertainment, and with this it has been placed within the list of the 10 entertainment programs most viewed in Spain.

But the lives of the program’s collaborators are exposed, including Belén Esteban, María Patiño and Kiko Matamoros. But,How much do you charge for giving your critical opinion and exposing yourself?

The magazine ‘Cotilleo’ revealed the salaries that Sálvame collaborators receive. Among them, the two who earn the most per program are the two Kikos (Hernández and Matamoros).

Kiko Hernández and Kiko Matamoros

At the top of the salaries of the collaborations of ‘Sálvame’ are Kiko Hernández and Kiko Matamoros, with a salary of 1,400 euros per program. Thus, the two have been in the pink press for a long time and they already know where to point in each program and how to resolve – or fan – the different conflicts.

Hernández has an experience of more than 10 years and has made a career in Telecinco in programs such as the third edition of ‘Big Brother’. And Matamoros, also focused on controversies since 2002, began as a collaborator in ‘Salsa Rosa’ and also attended the second edition of ‘Big Brother VIP’.

Belén Esteban

Although Belén Esteban’s fame has declined in recent years, she ranks third on the list of best-paid collaborators with a figure of 1,100 euros per program. She came to fame by profiting from her marriage to a bullfighter, and is currently on the lips of the audience for the controversy with her ex-husband’s daughter, Julia Janeiro.

María Patiño and Lydia Lozano

In each program that appears, María Patiño takes 1,000 euros into her pocket. With a degree in Journalism and after working in other media, she came to Telecinco in 2011. Also, the journalist Lydia Lozano signed for the network in 2003, after having passed through Radio Nacional de España, Cope and Antena 3.

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Rafa Mora and Anabel Pantoja

Rafa Mora, who was a suitor and tronista in Mujeres Hombres y Viceversa, and Anabel Pantoja, niece of the singer Isabel Pantoja, charge 600 euros per program.

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