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Iberian Ham, the most exclusive editions to taste this Christmas

If there is something that is repeated year after year in the Christmas tables of Spain, it is the Iberian Ham quality. Iberian products are unmistakable sign of the gastronomy of our country And there is no Christmas evening worth its salt that during these holidays does not have a good plate of this product placed with care and care.

There are countless products on the market to delight fans of this delicacy. With the guarantee of origin given by locations such as Extremadura, Jabugo or Guijuelo, the industry reinvents itself season after season to offer its most innovative version. Luxury proposals that go beyond the product to immerse the consumer in an exclusive experience to taste with all the senses.

The importance of the cut

Learn to cut ham with an expert and at home – Sánchez Romero Carvajal

With the intention of resuming the tradition of cutting ham at home, from Sánchez Romero Carvajal, they propose for these dates ‘The Art of Cutting 100% Iberian’, a new home delivery service for all lovers of ham and that for just Additional 70 euros, the ham is brought to your home by an expert cutter to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the art of cutting and presentation on a plate. After its history of more than 140 years, this company is aware that this gastronomic delicacy is one of the protagonists of every Christmas table and of the importance of knowing how to treat it as it deserves. This exclusive service will be available with limited units for the purchase of a acorn-fed 100% Iberian ham (from € 429).

For those who do not dare with the knife, from Guijuelo, Julian Martin proposes an authentic acorn-fed Iberian ham hand cut by experts and directly vacuum packed to keep its properties intact. These slices come from Iberian pigs fed with abundant acorns and natural pastures to later mature for 3 years under the supervision of experts (sachets from € 13.90 / unit).

Iberian ham already sliced ​​with all parts of the piece
Iberian ham already sliced ​​with all the parts of the piece – Iberic Box

Too highlighting the cut of the ham, Iberic Box, an e-commerce that aims to revolutionize the experience of consuming Iberian ham, has launched a new format of Iberian ham that is received already cut. It is a format with the ham already sliced ​​that offers the consumer the opportunity to enjoy this delicacy immediately and comfortably at home. The product is presented in a briefcase that allows you to savor and take advantage of all the parts of the piece as it includes the shavings and the bones, all packed in vacuum sachets and ready to eat, with instructions for the optimal preservation of the product and pairing ideas. The format is available for 100% Iberian acorn-fed hams and shoulders from Sierra de Aracena (from € 154).

Art, fashion and poetry

Ham and shoulder chest by Mercedes Bellido (€ 170)
Ham and shoulder chest by Mercedes Bellido (170 €) – Extrem Puro Extremadura
Suitcase “Ode to the Flavor of Cinco Jotas Ham”, Art and Passion (€ 599) – Five jacks

Beyond that care for an exceptional cut, the quality of the service and the care of the packaging so that the product reaches the houses in optimal conditions, are many reference brands in the sector that these days also personalize their products and include fashion pieces, art and even poems and illustrations to complete a true experience and turn your Iberian ham into the perfect Christmas gift. This is the case of the Extremaduran firm Extrem Puro Extremadura Y ‘The canvas of the planet’, an illustrated collection with works by Paco Roca, Cachetejack Y Mercedes bellido, who inspired by the pastures, tradition and sustainability, have illustrated the different lots and exclusive packs to make their products a true artistic and gastronomic experience.

‘Ode to Cinco Jotas flavor’ is the poem that gives its name to the new collection of Five jacks for this Christmas. The poet Fernando Beltran, the illustrator Fernando Vicente and the calligrapher Oriol Miró In this case, they are the artists in charge of creating the exclusive edition of the brand for the Christmas campaign of its 100% Iberian acorn products with different packs that also include a bottle of Montecillo Limited Edition 2014, half a cane of Iberian prey or an Arcos knife, among other things.

100% Iberian shoulder with a silk scarf
100% Iberian shoulder with a silk scarf – Señorío de Montanera

With a 100% natural silk bambula chiffon scarf and decorated with an original watercolor painted by Ana Clara Asparagus the Iberian shoulder is coming Señorío de Montanera with PDO Dehesa de Extremadura which this year also celebrates its 25th anniversary. The brand includes among its proposals for this Christmas campaign a brooch designed by Guille Garcia-Hoz who condenses the essence of the pasture of Extremadura, land of Señorío de Montanera and an invaluable ecosystem, in a luxury accessory: a limited edition ceramic brooch –only 50 units– inspired by the holm oak groves of the region, which accompanies a whole piece of pure Iberian acorn-fed ham with PDO Dehesa de Extremadura of 8 kilos: a perfect set to make a special gift.

Music and tradition

Limited Edition vintage 2017 (€ 950)
Limited Edition vintage 2017 (€ 950) – Mount Nevado

High Expression Luxury Collection 2021 is the limited edition of COVAP. A selection of cut ibérichos that includes five elegant packs of different products and includes an invitation for the customer to discover AX Experience, an experiential tasting to delve into the origin, art and gastronomy through music.

Products of the limited edition Alta Expresión Luxury Collection 2021
Products of the limited edition Alta Expresión Luxury Collection 2021 – COVAP

And for those who love the traditional, Mount Nevado throws his Limited Edition Vintage 2017, a piece of more than eight kilos that comes from selected animals of 100% Iberian breed, raised in freedom during the montanera in the pastures and fed on acorns and grass. It stands out for its intense red color, with fine, bright veining and unctuous texture.. Its light fat melts in the mouth with sweet tones of nuts, on sale from 950 euros.

The most recognized brands in the Iberian sector reinvent their proposals with a campaign full of options. Countless proposals for all tastes with the common denominator and the guarantee that a 100% Iberian quality product can award to any table. Guaranteed success.

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