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Jaime de Foxá




I find out from the press that it is intended to change the name of CEIP Jaime de Foxá, in Toledo, for that of the Historical Memory Law. Despite dedicating myself precisely today to informing regulations, I do not intend now, even remotely, to enter into any criticism of said law, much less from the political orbit. But I do give my opinion on whether removing said dedication would comply with the law. To do this, it is necessary to examine the person from the point of view of a minimal perspective. And this moving away from hatred, ignorance, cathexis and sectarianism.

Jaime de Foxá, in addition to being a great environmental professional, with initiatives to promote ICONA, is the author of ‘Lonely’, one of the most wonderful and captivating novels of the second half of the 20th century.

Whoever has not read it to them is not qualified to prosecute the person and, if they promote that name change and have not read it, they will only confirm that they are champions of folly and sectarianism.

Foxá wrote a work of art of enormous sensitivity and reading his work immerses you in the mountains as if you were in the best documentary, with the best soundtrack and with the voice of the best announcer.

Those who now fill their mouths with ruralism and defense of emptied Spain and promote this affront to such a great writer, should shake off sectarian ignorance as if it were dust of ignominy. Let them read, read and read. Then they go to the mountain; not to go trekking but, like the men of before, to sit for hours and hours to enjoy what they see and hear. But not an isolated day of pleasant temperature; do it cold, hot or rainy. And if after that they do not consider that ‘lonely’; It is a magnificent ode to nature, I will not have the slightest doubt about its asnescence and insensitivity. And that asses affronting the author of such a literary work is serious and, of course, is not imposed by any law. That they do not want to camouflage their ignorance in the laws. And if they are bothered by what I write here, I don’t care because the only prevention against that fauna is not to get behind. It is not politics; is culture (without k).

Antonio Conde Bajén

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