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Long-term alternative investments in an environment of increasing volatility

When we begin to get into stock market operations, it is common for us to put our money in those securities that are better known, hence the natural tendency of many investors to take positions in Ibex 35 shares that belong to more traditional sectors. Something, in a way, normal, as we feel more comfortable and secure investing in what we know and to which we also have easy access to information.

But the Spanish stock market is very broad, and there is room for small and large stocks, belonging to more or less or innovative sectors. Furthermore, when composing a portfolio, diversification is an unequal requirement for all those who want to find and bet on alternative opportunities in the Spanish equity market.

To begin by pointing out that within the selective there are also small treasures … The latest to join the main Spanish index, Laboratorios Rovi, is one of them. The company closes 2021 with an estimated growth of operating income of between 40% and 45%, which means reaching this year the revenue target it had planned for 2023 of 606 million euros, and is committed to R&D D in its internationalization plan. Within the Ibex 35, Fluidra is another of the listed companies to take into account when composing portfolios due to the good performance of the company during the pandemic and the excellent forecasts it has in the short medium term; Specifically, in the last 4 years, Fluidra has generated a return on capital employed of 18% and the objective for 2022 is to exceed 20%. If we look at the energy sector, we must not forget that climate change has become a decisive factor for the survival of companies and that, to face it, the transformation of the energy sector is essential and, at the same time, an opportunity to Companies such as Naturgy, which presented its Strategic Plan with a five-year vision a few months ago, framed in the strong commitment to ESG that has been materializing in recent years.

Beyond the Ibex 35, Audax is another investment for the future in renewable energy, being a company that cares for and protects the environment, a growing trend among investors, companies, institutions and clients. In the same Continuous Market, another industry to highlight is tourism, and, within it, eDreams ODIGEO stands out as a unique technology company that is revolutionizing the travel sector, the first to promote subscription in the industry and in redefine the future of the sector from a position of strengthened global leadership; Thus, investing in eDreams ODIGEO is investing in the reinvention of travel. If we talk about alternative investments, one of the most innovative and necessary in these times is that of medical biotechnology and, specifically, that of epigenetics, a field in which Oryzon Genomics has become the avant-garde benchmark in scientific research and innovation; now, the company led by Carlos Buesa looks to the future through science, research and reinforcement in the American market. But if there is an alternative sector par excellence, it is real estate, in which Grupo Insur operates, a company that faces 2022 with confidence and good prospects by mitigating the price increase derived from the shortage of supply of construction services and the increase in the cost of raw materials and energy with the integration into its operational structure of the construction activity.

In this same sector, another company that stands out, this time in the BME Growth market, is Silicius, which is convinced that real estate is a sector called upon to lead the recovery of the economy, a safe haven that offers investment opportunities , and a sector in which during the first 9 months of the year Silicius has achieved robust growth in long-term rentals thanks to the agreements reached with our tenants, the commercial activity with the signing of 56 new rental contracts and the progressive opening of hotels and shopping centers. Precisely, this company, moves in the environment of BME Growth, a market open to the future and that has contributed to diversifying and expanding the financing of small and medium-sized companies, which traditionally tend to suffer the worst in times of stress such as those experienced by Covid-19. Within this market, companies from the most cutting-edge and future-oriented sectors of activity stand out, with a strong digital and technological component, such as Izertis, Gigas Hosting or MioGroup. In the case of Izertis, its mission is to help companies and administrations in their Digital Metamorphosis process, through “traditional” services such as outsourcing, maintenance of infrastructures or applications, but the bulk of its business is mainly focused in providing technological solutions with high added value for the client thanks to Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, etc. For Gigas Hosting, a Spanish operator of convergent telecommunications, cloud, connectivity and security services, 2021, in addition to this trend reinforced by digital transformation and which is good news for Gigas because it means that companies will consume more telecommunications and more cloud, has It has been a year of transformation and a year in which the company has completely changed, going from almost 11 million euros to a company of 52 this year, but from a proforma of almost 64 million euros in turnover, therefore, a jump enormous. Finally, for MioGroup, marketing and digital transformation are a key sector in the data economy; Furthermore, the activity of marketing consultants is key in a context in which consumption is gradually recovering, being the lever and engine for the recovery of many other driving sectors of the Spanish economy.

Finally, we highlight, within the market of BME Growth, one of its youngest listed companies, EiDF, a national company specialized in photovoltaic solar energy projects that has less than half a year of life on the stock market, but that sails with the wind to its favor both at the stock market and business level for 2022, when it expects to reach 224 million in turnover and an EBITDA of 26.4 million.

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