Monday, July 4

Mahou San Miguel allocates nine million euros to eliminate plastic from its packaging

Mahou San Miguel has announced that it will eliminate more than 1,000 tons of plastic in all its references for which it has made an investment of more than 9 million euros, as reported by the brewery. For this reason, it will install two new lines at its Alovera (Guadalajara) production center with which it will fully replace the plastic present in the packaging and rings of its cans, which will be replaced by cardboard from sustainable forests. The new facilities will become operational during the first quarter of 2022.

“In Mahou San Miguel, we have been working for years on the implementation of initiatives that minimize our environmental footprint “, said the director of corporate communication, institutional relations and sustainability of Mahou San Miguel, Patricia Leiva.” Our objective as a leading company in the sector is to mark the way for The rest of society in areas such as the circularity of packaging and the use of increasingly sustainable materials, for which we have set very ambitious goals for 2030 “, he added.

The brand began to act at the beginning of 2020 with the installation of the first machine of this type in its center in Burgos. The change, which affected 12 references and groups, meant a saving of 90 tons of plastic, a figure that the company will multiply by 10 in the coming months with the new equipment, according to its forecasts.

The importance of promoting the circularity of packaging and materials is one of the fifteen commitments of the company’s Strategic Sustainability Plan, which has the motto ‘Let’s go 2030’. In fact, the ultimate goal of Mahou San Miguel is to completely eliminate plastic from rings and packaging by 2024 and guarantee that they are 100% recyclable and / or reusable.

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Among the changes that have already been made, is the use of 100% recycled plastic in all the bottles of its water brands, in addition to reducing the weight of all of them, saving 6,700 tons of plastic in the last decade. Likewise, Mahou San Miguel markets around 80% of its hospitality products in reusable formats.

In this way, the brewery plans to invest more than 220 million euros in ‘Vamos 2030’ over the next few years to further specify its vision: “to be an agent of social transformation that evolves from what is important to people.”

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