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Pimec advances that the Government will give aid to nightlife after the new closure

  • SMEs take refuge in Pimec during the covid and the employer’s association grows 6% in associates in 2021

The Generalitat finalize a package of aid for him nightlife after decreeing its closure during Christmas and New Year. This is how the Pimec employer has advanced this Tuesday in a ceremony with journalists, after previously receiving a call from the ‘president’ Pere Aragonès to notify business representatives of the new restrictions. The president of the employer’s association, Antoni Cañete, urges the Catalan Executive to specify “as soon as possible” these aid, given the “unbearable situation” and that the amount and budget of these transfers be “compensatory to the effect generated”, as stated.

The Government announced this past Monday its intention to decree the closure of nightlife from Thursday of this week and for the next 15 days, for now. In addition to a capacity limitation in restaurants to 50% indoors or 70% for culture and gyms. “We are in the sixth wave and we are touching the business sector again,” Cañete lamented this Tuesday. From Pimec they have advocated since the beginning of the pandemic to maintain a balance between “security and activity” and if the Administration is forced to resort to closures, to compensate them with aid. That is why the entity has urged the Government to accelerate these advanced transfers, without specifying amounts.

Pimec grows in associates despite the crisis

The Catalan economy is still limping in the face of the covid crisis and growth forecasts for next year are staggering due to the advance of the sixth wave. In this context, Catalan SMEs see under the Pimec umbrella a certainty under which they can face the pandemic, as confirmed by their associated data. The employer’s association chaired by Antoni Cañete will close this 2021 with a 6% increase in associates, despite the destruction of the business fabric in recent months, as explained this Tuesday in a ceremony with journalists.

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The employers’ association of small and medium-sized companies this week approved its budget for 2022, which will be 20 million euros, 21% more than the previous year. “We are the business entity that enters the most from southern Europe”, Cañete stressed. The entity plans to continue adding partners and are aware that this will be accompanied by advisory and training services; especially at a time of constant regulatory change.

Cañete explained that those 20 million of budget are broken down as follows. 69% of the income comes from fees charged to the associates and from the services performed by the entity. Another 24% comes from giving training courses, most of them continuous training in companies. “We are the ones who do the most,” emphasized the business leader. And the remaining 8% comes from public subsidies, as the most representative social agent and present at 644 social dialogue negotiation tables, from the Social Dialogue Council or the CTESC, even those that negotiate collective agreements.

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