Monday, July 4

Prosegur Cash will pay 30 million in dividend and will buy back own shares for up to 15 million

The Board of Directors of Prosegur Cash, at its meeting of December 20, 2022, has approved the distribution of an ordinary interim dividend charged to the distributable profits for the current year at the rate of € 0.01970 gross for each share. This represents a maximum total dividend of 30,002,049.66 euros and implies an implicit return on the current price of the company of 3.5%.

This ordinary interim dividend will be paid in four payments of 25% of the maximum total dividend each. The first payment will be made in January 2022 and the following will be carried out in the months of April, July and October 2022.

Additionally, the board of directors has approved a own share buyback program in order to amortize them in execution of an agreement to reduce the capital stock of the Company that will be submitted to the approval of the next General Shareholders’ Meeting. The program will affect a maximum of 22,844,200 shares, representing approximately 1.5% of the current share capital of Prosegur Cash and a maximum amount of 15 million euros has been assigned.

The program will have a maximum duration of one year. Prosegur Cash reserves the right to terminate the program if, before the expiration of said maximum duration of one year, it had acquired the maximum number of shares authorized by the Board of Directors, if the maximum monetary amount of the Program had been reached or If any other circumstance arises that advises it.

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