Sunday, July 3

Selection of American stocks of each sector for 2022

Bank of America has made a selection for him 2022 with one share from each sector with an implicit increase in 22% and all values ​​with a rating of purchase, according Kim Khan en Seeking Alpha.

“These stocks are mostly neglected by active funds and benefit more from inflation, higher GDP, higher interest rates, higher oil prices and wage growth than a portfolio of 11 sectors of equal weight. , all of which we hope will happen in 2022, “said the strategist Savita Subramanian.

  • Disney – Communication Services: Reopening of exhibition with parks, movies and cruises, of high quality and neglected by funds at a relative weight of 0.54x
  • BorgWarner – Discretionary Consumer: Recipient of inflation and capex, 0.54x rel peso and a strong 8% free cash flow return
  • Mondelez – Consumer Commodities: Positive interest rates and GDP betas and high ESG range
  • Exxon Mobil – Energy: Oil beta higher than Chevron, 10% FCF yield, high ESG
  • Wells Fargo – Finanzas: Positive inflation, GDP, beta interest rates, value, “probably benefit more from higher rates than other banks”
  • CVS – Health: High quality and ESG, medium value and durability
  • Eaton – Industriales: Capex benefits, reshoring, has positive betas for inflation, GDP and oil, 0.81x relative weight
  • F5 – Information technology: High-quality positive betas for inflation, GDP and rates, rel weight 0.6x and high ESG
  • Eastman Chemical – Materiales: Attractive dividend yield at 2.6%, high quality, relative weight 0.89x
  • Welltower – Inmobiliaria: 2.9% dividend yield, high quality, 0.22x relative weight and high ESG
  • NRG Energy – Utilities: Filters well in alpha models, positive inflation, GDP betas, 3.3% dividend yield

BofA’s portfolio this year lagged behind the S&P 500 with 13.1 percentage points.

The bank closed on Friday in the red at $ 43.88. Meanwhile, the Ei indicators are mixed.

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