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Setback for Sánchez in the Senate: an amendment to the Budget slips and they return to Congress




The Plenary of the Senate frustrated the Government’s plans on Tuesday by not definitively approving the new Budgets. The PP, ERC, PNV and Junts voted in favor of Amendment 3702 of Compromís and they sneaked it into the project in a totally unexpected way. The Treasury has made every effort to leave the accounts approved, unchanged, and, in fact, made additional assignments to both PNV and ERC to ensure that they did not introduce amendments.

The accounts are now returned to Congress, where this amendment It will be voted on next Tuesday, December 28At the latest, in the middle of the Christmas holidays. It will be then when the new accounts are definitively approved, if no new unforeseen events arise.

ERC discharges all responsibility for what the PP spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto, considers a “historic bump” underlining that it is the first that the Upper House returns the budget bill including an amendment not foreseen by the Government.

«Esquerra Republicana has respected the agreement we had with the government parties. They are their budgets, therefore, the responsibility of the numbers was theirs “, indicated sources of the Catalan independentistas. PNV sources, for their part, limited themselves to pointing out that they did not reach an agreement with the Government.

The PP sought the return

The amendment amounts to 1.6 million euros and aims “to promote and disseminate the languages ​​protected by the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, to the Autonomous Communities of Galicia, Asturias, Euskadi, Navarra, Aragon, Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands”. Therefore, it was also surprising that the PP gave its support to this measure. In fact, the head of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, used the content of the amendment to reproach the popular people for having changed their position regarding languages. “If this serves for the Popular Party to reconsider its policy of promoting co-official languages, welcome,” he said upon leaving the Senate. An interpretation that Vox will not hesitate to use repeatedly against the PP.

But the spokesman for this group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, insisted that there is no change of position because the European Charter of Languages ​​is an agreement reached in 1992 that has always had the support of the PP. The popular leader insisted that he simply recognizes “Culturally the fact” of minority languages ​​and does not grant co-officiality to all regional or minority languages.

In addition, he assured that his group has not only supported its own amendments but all those consistent with its “vision” to do everything possible to return the Budgets. From here, he assured that he sees the Government “weaker than ever.” “Someone has not calculated,” he said, pointing to a possible “oversight” of ERC or the intentional search for a “fissure” with the Government.

The approval of this amendment was so unexpected that it delayed the announcement of the vote, magazine for the first hour of the afternoon, until after six in the afternoon. The Senate Board, in fact, counted the votes to verify if, in fact, this change had crept in. The Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, was willing to support him next Tuesday in Congress to stress the popular.

Sources from Moncloa, in fact, focused on delving into this strategy when they were surprised because “the same PP that uses co-official languages ​​as a throwing weapon at school » has voted in the Senate “in favor of an amendment to promote co-official languages”. Along these lines, they questioned whether the position of the popular regarding languages ​​goes in the same direction as the European Charter. They thus referred to the fact that this agreement includes “the need for determined action to promote regional or minority languages” or “the facilitation and / or promotion of the oral and written use” of these languages ​​in public and private life.

All possible efforts

However, the Government made every effort to approve today the Budgets 2022, with the aim of avoiding a return to Congress. For this, it closed agreements with PNV and ERC with additional assignments to those already agreed in Congress and counted on which the project would be definitively approved today, thanks to the rejection of its partners to the amendments presented. The controversial VAT reduction for hairdressers was directly vetoed to avoid voting.

In any case, this delay of one week does not alter the final result since the new accounts will be approved in Congress with or without this amendment, thus Sánchez
will thus strengthen its alliance with EHCollect Y
, with which it will carry out for the second time what is the most important project of the year, and with little prospect of promoting new accounts that will amend these next year.

Both in We can as the pro-independence parties have the feeling that the Executive will probably use the wild card of the extension to next year and even the next to reach the end of the legislature, without promoting new accounts that will again grab headlines for the important transfers that they would require again.

The impact of the new variant

All this despite the fact that the new accounts were born with feet of clay, and surrounded by doubts about their real adaptation to the situation the country is going through. Not surprisingly, they completely ignore the impact that the strain can have omicron on economic growth and public spending, but they do not take into account the soaring growth of inflation since they are based on a table of macroeconomic forecasts that have been outdated in view of the downward revisions made by all international organizations, the OTHER or the Bank of Spain.

Without going any further, this morning the Public Health Commission has warned that it is studying the closure of nightlife and hospitality at 11pm. Some restrictions that could still be extended to other sectors and that, if applied in a sustained manner, could necessitate support measures for the sectors that are hardest hit. are not provided in the new accounts, in addition to its impact on the economy and employment.

Yesterday, the United States asked not to travel to Spain and World Health Organization has confirmed that those vaccinated and cured can become infected with the new variant, demanding more measures from the countries. In fact, there are several European nations that have adopted restrictions with an impact on leisure, restaurants and tourism.

The new accounts also ignore another sector very pressured by the pandemic situation, the hairdressers. The government It has not allowed a vote on the amendment presented by the opposition in this regard, knowing that it had a majority to be approved. The argument has returned to being that this reduction would reduce the income of the State, the same as adduced to mid-year to veto the measure for the first time, holding on to the fact that accounts could not be changed mid-year. His new rejection now during the processing of new accounts reveals his lack of political will to apply this measure.

Before the debate on the Budgets, the general secretary of the Andalusian PSOE, Juan Espadas, has formalized his status as senator on behalf of the Parliament of Andalusia. A position that he will use to oppose the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno.

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