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Solana or SHIBA Inu. Which one could make you rich in 2022?

These last twelve months have been great for cryptocurrencies Solana and coin meme SHIBA Inu. Therefore, investors look towards 2022 and think which of the two could make them richer in 2022 according to Change Jeremiah Ifeanyi and Nairametrics.

Solana has increased by more than one 10.000% to date, while SHIBA Inu roughly a 42.000.000%. But the latter fell back a 60% from the maximum reached and the previous one 40%.

What has happened to both cryptos?

SHIBA Inu continually grows by welcoming more than 70.000 new users after hitting the million mark just over a month ago.

Solana is the blockchain ecosystem of fastest growing in the world and has 879 projects. They include “non-fungible tokens,” which are one-of-a-kind collections of digital assets, as well as trading exchanges, games, and more.

He also recently experienced a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack highly publicized that caused concern. Although the blockchain remained online, the speed of its network dropped significantly.

SHIBA Inu is worth approximately $ 17 billion, while Solana is worth approximately 55 billion dollars according to the market capitalization of currencies.

Although the introduction of new meme tokens poses a risk to the price of SHIBA Inu, Solana’s app-centric network also faces competition, and the meme coin’s smaller market capitalization may allow it to post more explosive earnings if the cryptocurrency market recovers from the recent instability and returns to a strong bullish phase.

Which should I choose?

For most investors looking to expose themselves to the cryptocurrency and blockchain services markets, Solana is a clear choice.

Investors who are willing to take a lot of risks in hopes of making money quickly can do so with SHIBA Inu, but Solana’s app building capabilities suggest a superior long-term risk-reward dynamics.

What’s more, Matt Hougan, director de inversiones de Bitwise Asset Management, in an interview with Bloomberg Technology, Solona is one of the top 3 altcoins to invest in 2022.

Hougan said: “In my opinion, investors will consider Ethereum, Solana and Polygon.”

Solana is trading at $ 172.97 and SHIBA Inu at $ 0.0000314.

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