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Tesla updates its software in a big way focused on entertainment: TikTok, sudokus and the original ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’

Tesla has updated its software with powerful entertainment add-ons. The end of the year version (2021.44.25) introduces changes to the interface, dark mode and several new features such as the presence of integration with TikTok. We have known for a long time that Tesla is empowering drivers to play from their car when they are stopped and they have more and more reasons to do so.

These are the novelties of the latest Tesla update, which is already beginning to be distributed to the different Tesla vehicles.

We can now play Sonic or take some sudoku from the Tesla

The first addition is based on an Easter egg that the company showed in 2015 in the Model X. It is about ‘Light Show’ and it allows to have a play of dancing lights.

At the design level, the application interface has changed, with some adjustments that have gone under the controls sectionsuch as tire pressure adjustments or load controls. The home application screen now allows drag and drop to reorder them and we can slide on the thermometer icon to raise or lower the temperature of the seats or the climate control.

Also from the controls section we can manually activate dark mode. Other novelties are the possibility of editing the ‘Waypoints’ and the function of automatically activating the blind spot camera when we turn.


Image: Electrek

From an entertainment point of view we have updates on Tesla Arcade. This time the original ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ is added, multiplayer mode is added to the ‘Battle of Polytopia’ and a sudoku game has been added to Arcade, with five difficulty levels.

After Netflix, Disney + or YouTube, the possibility of watch TikTok videos from the Tesla screen. We must open the Theater mode and select TikTok.

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Despite all of Elon Musk’s promises, it still seems a long way from being able to sleep in the Tesla while driving autonomously. Meanwhile, the Tesla they continue to be updated focusing on a section that the rest of the manufacturers have very neglected: entertainment.

Image | Reddit
Via | Electrek


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