Saturday, June 25

The bag of this December 21

For no apparent justified reasons, the European equity markets tended on Tuesday to minimize the risks derived from the variant of the omicron coronavirus and showed bullish behavior in the midst of a pandemic storm. The Ibex 35 posted a 1.76% rise to 8,387.50 points with the backing of banks, tourism and renewables. There is a desire to cut vicious circles and end the year with positive balances to offer to customers, so it did not seem admissible to maintain the sales tone with which the week began. But objectively, with new anticovid control measures in Europe, the rise in tourist values ​​such as IAG (+ 6.42%) or Meliá (+ 4.10%) has debatable logic. It is more understandable that the steel giant ArcelorMittal rises (+ 2.96%) due to the maintenance of strong demand with high prices. Banks also rose. BBVA appreciated 2.35%; Sabadell did it 3.40%; Santander, 2.05%; and CaixaBank, 2.09%.

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