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The Government gives the green light to 1,185 million to modernize the Army’s Tigre attack helicopter




The Minister council on Tuesday gave the green light to the agreement to enable the modernization of the 18 Tigre MK III combat helicopters of the Army.

The total amount approved in the agreement of the Ministry of Finance is 1,185.2 million euros to be distributed in nine annuities from 2029 to 2037. The main beneficiary company will be
Airbus Helicopters
, whose main facility in Spain is in Albacete, which employs about 800 workers.

The Joint Organization for Arms Cooperation (OCCAR), where EU and NATO countries are located, is responsible for this program that for now involves France and Spain, awaiting the signing of the contract with the Ministry of Defense in March 2022, according to sources familiar with the program.

«The Tigre MK III helicopter is a trilateral project of France, Germany and Spain to modernize their respective Tigre fleets, with the purpose of extending its useful life from 20 to 40 years and increasing its capabilities to be able to fulfill the missions that are assigned more beyond 2035 ”, informs the reference of the Council of Ministers. This is the attack helicopter in service in the Army.

With this renewal, the Tigre of the Army will be able to be operational until 2050.

A Tiger firing missiles – OF SAN BERNARDO

“Improve communications, end the obsolescence of the 90s, improve digitization, improvement of the combat system and its integration with other weapons systems”, says the text.

Having postponed Germany its decision to join in late 2022, This request is limited to a bilateral scenario between France and Spain.

The Tigre MK III project consists of the development, production and initial support for the entry into service of this final version for the two fleets, undertaking an improvement and renovation of the systems and subsystems, avionics architecture, operation equipment and capabilities. of armament.

«It has been agreed that the distribution of cost and industrial participation is based on the initially planned number of helicopters to be modernized: 78.83% equivalent to the 67 Tigre HADF in France and a 21.18% equivalent to the 18 Tigre HADE of Spain»

The Final Assembly Line of the 85 MK III is established at the Airbus Helicopters factory in Albacete.

«The project aims to improve the support and attack capacity of the Airmobile Forces of the Army, with freedom of action to be able to integrate them with the rest of the components of the ground maneuver in order to be able to act, as of 2035, in unpredictable, dynamic, unstable and increasingly complex environments.

Annulities provided in the reference of the Council of Ministers
Annulities provided in the reference of the Council of Ministers – ABC

In order to align the objective of ‘Force 2035’ of the Spanish Army With the convenience of taking advantage of the entire life cycle of the Tigre HADE, it has been planned to deliver the 18 Spanish Tigre MK IIIs between 2030 and 2034.

The total to be contributed of 1,185.2 million euros between 2029 and 2037 must be previously pre-financed with an advance of 707.5 million euros of that total by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in annuities from 2022 to 2028.

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