Tuesday, July 5

The incidence soars 86 points and infections register their highest number since the start of the pandemic




The sixth wave continues to record an upward curve. In a single day the incidence of Covid-19 has registered a rise of 86 points and it already stands at 695 cases for every one hundred thousand inhabitants. The Ministry of Health has also notified 49,823 new infections, one of the highest figures since the start of the pandemic. In addition, SARS CoV-2 has added 94 more deaths to the official death count.

Navarra is the community with the most infections, by registering an incidence of 1,488 positives per one hundred thousand inhabitants. It is closely followed by the Basque Country (1,183) and La Rioja (1,163).

Last Friday, the risk of transmission of the coronavirus in Spain went from entering “high” risk to reaching “very high” risk, that is to say, the highest possible level contemplated in the Health scale.

The positivity of the Covid tests already reaches 14.29%, which represents a “high” risk of transmission, and is close to the threshold of 15% that sets the beginning of the “very high” risk at this point.

Despite the increase in transmission, indicators on healthcare services remain at lower levels thanks to the impact of vaccination. Thus, the occupancy of hospital beds stands at 6.14%, levels that place it at medium risk of saturation, while the occupancy of ICU beds is at 15.77%, at the high risk level.

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