Saturday, June 25

The price of the colonies shoots up 18.6% this Christmas

The price of colognes and perfumes this has been triggered Christmas. Specifically, according to data from the consultancy Nielsen, the price of fragrances has skyrocketed in one year by 18.6% this Christmas. In the last four weeks and comparing this period with the previous year, the most seasonal categories in sales at Christmas present very positive trends in sales, and some of them with relevant price increases, according to this specialized firm. According to Nielsen, “several effects are mixed in the price increase, such as the rise in raw materials, but also the innovation that is reaching the product categories.”

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In the case of colognes and perfumes, the increase in sales volume was 3.9%, with a rise in sales for the sector of 23.2%, thanks to the price increases applied. Another product that registers increases in sales and prices is that of champagnes. According to Nielsen data, prices have risen an average of 7.8%, with sales up 18%. On the other hand, in the case of cider, sales have fallen 7%, with a moderate rise in prices of 0.6%. In the case of cavas, prices have risen 1.6%, with an increase in volume sales of 8.5%.

Christmas sweets are also clearly rising in sales. In the case of polvorones and mantecados, the increase in sales reached 16.5% compared to last year, and that despite a 3% rise in prices. Nougats have risen 7.6% in price, which has not prevented sales from increasing 8.9%.

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