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The Xiaomi 12 already has a presentation date: we will see this beast before the end of the year

Xiaomi has officially unveiled the release date of your Xiaomi 12, your next flagship. After leaving the last name ‘my’ aside, 12 is the first of the flagship in losing his last name, although this does not mean that he will cease to be a first-line terminal.

December 28 is the day chosen for its presentation, in which we expect at least two variants of it, without ruling out a third high-end, but not in the line of terminals with the highest specifications.

The Xiaomi 12 will be presented on December 28

The Xiaomi 12, predictably alongside its ‘Pro’ variant and pointing the rumors to a Xiaomi 12X variant with Snapdragon 870, will be released on December 28, the last Tuesday of this 2021. The company has not wanted to wait for the beginning of the year and will close this year with its high-end products on the table.

This year we saw a good number of variants of the Xiaomi Mi 11, with an Ultra model, Xiaomi Mi 11i, Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite … It is not known how many there will be in 2022, but in this presentation too many models are not expected, beyond the Pro variant and the aforementioned X.

Wed 12

Regarding the specifications of the Xiaomi 12, it is expected a relatively compact mobile, with a design that has already been fully unveiled and with hardware at the height of the most ambitious range: the latest from Qualcomm, 100W fast charging and a section of top-of-the-line cameras.

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