Saturday, June 25

They find a foot in the place where the woman who confessed to burning a body had pointed




The Civil Guard has opened an investigation in order to clarify the veracity of a possible crime, after a 26-year-old neighbor of Cortegada (Orense) confessed this Monday in a psychiatry consultation at the University Hospital Complex of Orense ( CHUO), which he had burned the corpse of a man whom he would have met through the internet. The latest investigations have resulted in the appearance of a foot in the place where the woman, now detained, had indicated.

The alarms went off after the woman declared that had calcined the corpse of a man, about 50 years old. Supposedly, he would have acknowledged that he burned the body and threw part into a reservoir of the municipality of Cortegada, where all the investigations are focused.

The woman has already been arrested for the possible death of the man, who would have known this past summer on the internet. The family then denounced his disappearance because they were unable to contact him. According to the version of the woman, would have found the dead man in his home and decided to burn the body and bury part of the remains, while another party would have thrown them into the river.

At the moment, agents of the Judicial Police have initiated an investigation and are looking for signs or remains in the immediate vicinity of the area to determine if, indeed, it was a crime, in the surroundings of San Benito de Rabiño, where the house of the detainee is located.

Sources from the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia have confirmed that the judge handling the case – the Ribadavia court – has agreed that this afternoon three entries and searches are made in three of its properties as well as in a vehicle of the suspect. The detainee is scheduled to go to court tomorrow to testify for what happened.

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