Saturday, June 25

Tier1 begins trading continuously within BME Growth

The minimum price variation that will be applied to Tier1 shares will depend on the price of its shares and the average daily number of transactions, initially being 0.02 euros. The minimum cash for the execution of operations in the block trading modality that will be applied to the company’s shares will depend on the daily average cash traded, initially being 30,000 euros.

Regarding the performance parameters of the Liquidity Provider, according to BME Growth in Operating Instruction 19/2020, the minimum total cash amount in the purchase and sale orders of the Seville technology company during the auction periods, will be 5,000 euros. The maximum range of purchase and sale prices of the previous orders will be 5% of the static price, while during the open session period the amount will be 2,500 euros and the maximum range of 10%.

Grupo Tier1 is a business group based in Seville dedicated to the construction, development and implementation of its own software, as well as the deployment and maintenance of IT telecommunications infrastructures.

The company has a national and international presence, with a network of 10 offices in Spain, Miami, Colombia, and now Portugal. Through its current portfolio of clients, they are present in Europe, the United States, Latam, the United Arab Emirates and Asia.

Since 2018 the company is listed on BME Growth, the capital market specialized in growing SMEs.

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