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What happens to the Covid certificate when we get the third dose: update, validity of the old one and problems downloading it

The administration of the booster dose against the coronavirus is causing some messes with the covid certificate. In most cases it is necessary to download it again to be updated, in the Valencian Community problems have been reported to request it if the user has just had the third injection and until now its validity period varies depending on the territorial scope for the one who requests it: the one issued by the Ministry of Health does not expire once the two doses have been applied, while in some communities expire 12 months after receiving the last.

Regarding the updating of the certificates so that it appears that the user has injected the booster dose, in most cases it is necessary to download the document again, both in the one issued by the Ministry of the Ministry of Health and in that of the autonomous communities, as explained by ministerial and regional sources to Xataka.

The only community that has indicated that the update of the covid certificate appears automatically in your health app is Catalonia, although the Catalan health authorities recommend downloading it manually in the same application to speed up the process, since it may take several days to appear.

From Basque Country and the Canary Islands, Engadget has not received a response.

In any case, both the Ministry of Health and the different regional health ministries consulted emphasize that, for the moment, the complete regimen is one or two doses, depending on the vaccine received, so it is not necessary to update the covid certificate for it to be valid.

Europe limits validity

However, that is about to change, since the European Commission has just approved a modification of the norm that regulates the covid certificate, which establishes that its validity will expire nine months after receiving the last dose, which will oblige anyone who wants to keep this document in force to receive their booster vaccination.

In this way, Europe ends at a stroke with the disparity of criteria that, for the moment, continues to prevail in Spain. And it is that the covid certificate issued by the Ministry of Health had no expirationTherefore, the person who had completed their one or two dose vaccination schedule had this document indefinitely, while seven autonomous communities have established a validity of one year from the administration of the last injection: Andalusia, Catalonia , Valencia, Galicia, Aragon, Canary Islands, Basque Country.

“To avoid divergent and disruptive approaches, the Commission proposes a standard acceptance period of nine months for vaccination certificates issued after completion of the primary vaccination schedule, “the European Commission explains in a statement.

The new mechanism will enter into force from February 1, 2022 to give some margin for member states to update their technical systems to comply with the regulatory modification.

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Problems with discharge after the booster dose

Finally, some users have reported problems after downloading the covid certificate immediately after getting the third dose. This has been the case of some Valencians, to whom the mobile application of the Ministry of Health of their autonomous community did not let them download the document because 15 days had not elapsed since the injection, according to informs Valencia Plaza.

This problem stems from the fact that the system is intended for the full one or two dose regimen. The European standard establishes that the vaccination certificate can only be requested once 14 days after the completion of the complete vaccination process, known as the ‘window period’, the time in which the person becomes immunized.

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However, the ‘window period’ does not apply to booster doses, since it is assumed that the user is already immunized with the full regimen and that only a third is injected to strengthen that immunity.

In the event that this error occurs, the health authorities recommend downloading the PDF document from the counseling website or the ministry, since there it does allow downloading even if the system does not consider it valid. In this case, the number of doses that the user has received appears at the bottom of the document, which allows us to validate that the person is immunized even though the app fails.


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