Monday, July 4

Where should I dispose of the antigen self test?




The arrival of Ómicron and Christmas has triggered the sale of antigen self-tests in pharmacies. In Madrid as of Wednesday, December 22, it is expected that almost a million tests will be available in pharmacies that Madrilenians will be able to collect, free of charge, by presenting their health card. But what is there to do with them once they have been used?

«After using the self-test, the materials used should be deposit in the packaging which includes the self-diagnosis kit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the elimination of waste ”, explains to ABC María Cristina Fernández Marcos, pharmacist at the Drug Information Center of the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges.

Also remember that this process will be done “in accordance with the regulations of each community.” «In no case would it be through the Integrated System for the Management and Collection of Containers (point Sigri), since they only manage medications “, emphasizes Fernández Marcos.

For its part, the Cinfa pharmaceutical laboratory clarifies that this type of test should be discarded with the normal household waste, “Taking into account the local regulations in force”. The New Gene Bioengineering clinical vendor self-detection test indications for use clearly state that the product is ‘disposable and must not be recycled’.

However, the General Council recalls that these tests «are one more diagnostic tool, but obtaining a negative result cannot be interpreted as a White card to stop complying with protection measures against the pandemic. It has to be used above all to detect possible positives. ‘

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