Tuesday, July 5

Zardoya rises in the continuous market and adjusts to the price of the OPA enhanced by Otis

Consequently, OSH has agreed to increase the price of the takeover to 7.14 euros, although the revised price of the same will be adjusted by the dividend announced by Zardoya Otis on December 14, so that the offer price will be adjusted to 7.07 euros per share as of January 6.

The price of the OPA may also be adjusted as provided in the previous announcement of the OPA for dividends and other distributions to its shareholders that Zardoya Otis SA agrees to carry out. The transfer of the shares owned by Euro-Syns is subject to the approval of its general meeting of shareholders in accordance with article 160. f) of the Capital Companies Act, which is scheduled to take place before January 31, 2022 .

OSH will present the documentation related to the improvement of the OPA to the CNMV for authorization in the next few days.


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