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CoinEx Exchange and TradingView are now trading partners

CoinEx, the global cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange, has announced the alliance with one of the most recognized platforms in the industry: TradingView. This strategic cooperation offers users a wealth of benefits, and is proof of CoinEx’s rapid growth.

The exchange has worked hard to establish itself as a leading financial services company. And precisely, alliances of this type contribute to CoinEx being able to provide them better service to your customers, one that suits your needs well.

CoinEx welcomes TradingView with its new alliance

CoinEx is not only an exchange that is available in more than 100 countries, with low trading fees and a huge variety of cryptocurrencies; now also offers new benefits and features to your customers thanks to your partnership with TradingView. This alliance will allow them to trade with the TradingView interface, its price charts in real time and in the desired trading pairs.

TradingView is recognized by many professional investors and traders for being one of the largest platforms in the world. And its community is made up of important figures in the ecosystem. Thus, the alliance between CoinEx and TradingView helps increase user confidence towards the exchange and the world of cryptocurrencies.

The benefits of the alliance for CoinEx users

This cooperation is synonymous with benefits for all parties involved, including customers of CoinEx. TradingView has advanced features and a highly efficient platform for trading in the digital asset market. The new benefits that CoinEx users will be able to enjoy are the following:

  • Inclusion of twelve graphics with a friendly and intuitive design, which make it easier to understand the price trends of digital assets.
  • There are eight charts per tab to visualize the changes in the market in real time and in multiple trading pairs.
  • By adding bars to the interface, it will be possible go back or forward in time to analyze the evolution of the market at the rate that each person wishes.
  • CoinEx members will be able to communicate with other traders to discuss topics of interest, such as the highest performing assets and the most effective trading strategies. Additionally, verified TradingView users will also have the ability to share and receive reviews.
  • With the creation of indicators and scripts custom, it will be faster and easier to identify trends, seize opportunities and make investment decisions.

This alliance is a milestone for CoinEx. The company hopes that the cooperation with TradingView will boost the adoption of bitcoin and altcoins globally. In addition, now its audience exceeds 30 million users, something that will open new doors for it.

CoinEx Exchange continues to grow

This is just one of the many enhancements the exchange plans to implement to its platform. After four years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, CoinEx today has more than 400 crypto assets and customer service 24 hours a day, which is available in about 15 languages, including Spanish.

Besides, it offers various financial products, such as exchanges, spot trading, perpetual contracts and more. Without a doubt, it is exciting to think about the future that awaits this bitcoin trading platform. To learn more about CoinEx, go to your Web page and social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube Y Twitter.

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