Wednesday, September 28

Fishing for hake is prohibited in the Cantabrian Sea at the end of the quota

The General Directorate of Fisheries Management, dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, communicated this Tuesday to the Cantabrian fishermen’s guilds a resolution that in its section establishes the closure of the hake fishery in littoral waters after midnight.

The unusual prohibition – the hake fishing ground had never been closed before in the middle of the Christmas season – generated a furious reaction from fishermen, who in these days of high demand are able to profit from their catches of a species that is among the most popular in the world. face to prepare the Christmas menus.

“This is horrible, a catastrophe. The dates on which the fishery closes are the most productive of the year for the fleet, so it is easy to deduce the great discomfort that it will cause. The brotherhoods flatly reject the order and demand that it be reversed immediately. It is no longer that it is going to cause serious damage in the face of sales for Christmas Eve and Christmas, but that it completely ruins the week of New Year’s Eve and New Year, “the president of the federation of fishermen’s associations told this newspaper. Asturias, Adolfo García Méndez.

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The resolution that halts the Christmas hake campaign is based on the exhaustion of the catch quota assigned to the Cantabrian fleet against the surplus quota assigned on October 19 by the so-called “optimization mechanism”. In other words: just as the affected fishermen have been protesting for years, the general quota assigned to Spain for hake fishing in Iberian waters is so meager that the authorities have to “patch” it every year according to the existing possibilities (quota exchanges with third countries, distribution of surpluses not used by other fleets …).

What happened this year is that not even the patches are used to fix the background issue: the quota for hake is not enough for twelve months of the year. And in this scenario, the European Union Council of Fisheries Ministers approved last week a new 8 percent cut in hake fishing opportunities for 2022.

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