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Forecasts 2022 (II): it will be a good year for the stock market and values ​​to keep track of

Jefferies doesn’t look like he’s going to get off to a good start in 2022. The New York firm was about to ask its staff to return to the office on January 17, when its CEO Richard Handler has just caught Covid-19, all this after returning home in December due to the increase in infections. This tells us that nothing is set in stone and that, with the situation we have, everything can change.

However, from the financial group if they have their clear favorable and negative bet within the Ibex. For Jefferies, the best in Spain lies in ArcelorMittal As long as the worst comes in, what you will underweight your recommendations, in the Spanish stock market is Telefonica

For GVC Gaesco, the Ibex has a growth potential of 20% higher than the average of the European stock markets, which reached 16% and doubled that of the United States, with a possible upward trend of 9%. Although for the manager this increase in potential is due, above all, to the sectors that have lagged behind the case of tourism, banks and utilities.Also, your expectation is that the business profits of the securities that make up the selective are recovered in 2023.

Therefore, it remains cautious in the face of inflation levels, with the consumer sector in the spotlight in Ebro Foods e Inditex in Spain. With a financial sector with a not particularly favorable scenario, but with a tail wind such as the Euribor. Here he opts for Santander Bank Y UNICAJA

Inditex annual price

In the case of Income 4, they overweight equities with a target of 10,700 points in 2022, if the Ibex benefits from the acceleration of growth including global recovery, with recovery of tourism and less risk in the regulation of utilities . Your bets are IAG (Iberia), Cellnex and also Acerinox.

While returning to the international gaze, Morgan Stanley gambling pass by Amadeus, Repsol and also by Ferrovial from among 11 values ​​for which, bet on the reopening, Despite omicron, the FED with more dominance of the hawks and inflation that relativizes everything.

Amadeus annual price quote

If we look at the perspectives it draws Andbank, we met with that looks to be a good 2022, but not as good as in 2021. Among the tailwinds will result the savings rate stored in households, the real recovery funds already granted and not at half gas as is happening now and the significant improvement in employment.

They bet on thematic investment throughout Europe, looking at robotics, climate change, health and encryption Among others, although beyond the indicators in our contains, the best equities will be oriental, the Japanese in particular, with upside potential of 7%. Returning home among the values ​​of the reopening some tourist distill in Spain, such as Aena The IAG (Iberia).

IAG annual share price

For Bankinter, the Ibex will grow by around 16% next year to levels around 9,600 points.However, this increase is not set in stone, since it considers that this is the potential that the indicator presents with respect to its fundamentals right now, although after economic circumstances it may change its course. In 2022, which will be marked in Spain by three axes: lto investment, the march of inflation and the improvement of the foreign sector.

From Santander AM they look at what, as sustainability opportunities, although he hopes that the improvement of the stock exchanges can be placed below 10% in 2022, although always with better returns than those offered by bonds or liquid money, due to inflation. And fixed, as strategic sectors, the financial and health sectors.

As to BBVA AM opts in Europe for a growth that can oscillate between 10 and 15% for the indicators, above the Americans, who are marked by a range of between 5 and 10%. But it does highlight that, despite the fact that the omicron variant dominates us at the moment, the worst of the pandemic will be further and further behind, although the risk will persist.

Further goes even JPMorgan.Its strategic director of global markets predicts Marko Kolanovic highlights that 2022 will mark the beginning of a return to true normality and a complete healing from the impact of the pandemic crisis.Augura, a full recovery, with the end of the epidemic. In fact, he envisions a goal for the S&P 500 for a year from 5,050 points, with an advance of 8%. Hopefully it is fulfilled, for the good of all.

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