Sunday, October 2

Pharmamar and Rovi boost the Ibex 35 to 8,400 points

Although official bodies have always maintained that this new variant of the virus is more contagious but less virulent than the Delta, yesterday’s warnings from the WHO about the danger of this new variant in a period such as Christmas keep investors alert. In fact, the agency asked to delay or cancel the Christmas celebrations.

However, today the European stock markets open slightly higher. The DAX scored 0.13%, to 15,474 points. The FTSE -100 is down 0.10% – over 7,290 points – the CAC-40 advances two tenths, over 6,979 integers, the FTSE MIB opens at 26,650 points after a flat opening and the Ibex 35 rises slightly over the 8,389 points.

A penalty led by Siemens-Gamesa shares, which lost just over 0.8%, followed by Inditex or BBVA, with falls of more than half a percentage point at the opening.

The rest of the banks are listed negatively: Banco Santander leaves 0.4%, over 2.7995 euros; Caixabank loses 0.3%, to 2.2860 euros, while Banco Sabadell opens with falls of 0.3% and Bankinter is the only entity that resists positively and, at the rate of 0.16%, is listed at 4 , 3680 euros.

With rises, PharmaMar shares open, scoring 2.5% at the opening. It does so after announcing the signing of a marketing and licensing agreement with Eczacibasi Pharmaceuticals Marketing Co. to market the antitumor drug lurbinectedin in Turkey. Its shares move at 55.40 euros at the opening.

A few steps away, Rovi shares are listed, increasing by more than 1.7% while ArcelorMittal and Indra have risen just over one percentage point in the first minutes of trading.

In the continuous market, PRISA rises more than 5% followed by Adolfo Domínguez while Amper and Renta 4 lose just over one percentage point in the first minutes of trading.

At the corporate level, we have learned that the Prosegur board of directors has agreed, at its meeting on December 21, 2021, to distribute a dividend on account of the profits for the current year of 0.1240 euros gross for each share. This ordinary interim dividend will be paid in four payments of 25% of the maximum total dividend each. The first payment will be made in January 2022 and the following will be carried out in the months of April, July and October 2022.

Gestamp has approved a dividend of 0.38 euros gross per share for the financial year 2021. The value rises just over two tenths at the opening.

Realia has bought a 37.11% stake in Hermanos Revilla for 189.1 million euros. In addition, it has signed a loan with FCC for 120 million euros.

Mixed sign in Asia and rises in Wall Street

Mixed sign today in the main Asian indices. The Nikkei is trading flat, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is down 0.3% and the Shanghai Composite is also flat.

As for Wall Street, the market ended yesterday in the green. The closing of the S&P 500 (+ 1.7%) at 4,649 points, the NASDAQ 100 (+ 2.4%) up to 15,341 points and the DOW JONES Ind Average at 35,492 points (+ 1.6%) stand out. Without leaving the US, it was learned yesterday that its current account deficit soared in the third quarter to its highest level in 15 years, with a record increase in imports, as companies rushed to replenish depleted inventories to satisfy strong demand.

In addition, the intervention of the US president, Biden, in which he presented the strategy that his government will adopt to face the new wave of the pandemic, should serve to calm investors somewhat. In this sense, It should be noted that the US Administration is not about to re-implement mass lockdowns of the population or to prevent the movements and travel of citizens, and will focus its efforts on increasing vaccination rates, promoting booster doses among the population at greatest risk and increasing the rate of testing among the population.

UK GDP and US consumer confidence on the agenda for the day

The main macroeconomic references include GDP and the current account in the United Kingdom. The British gross domestic product (GDP) slowed in the third quarter of the year – July to September – growing 1.1%, below the 1.3% initially estimated, the National Statistics Office reported on Wednesday. In addition, the PPI of France and Spain, the current account of Portugal, as well as the non-EU trade balance in Italy will be known. In the United States we will know the quarterly GDP, the consumer confidence of The Conference Board and the crude oil inventories of the IEA.

However, in Spain issues such as the Christmas Lottery or the Conference of Presidents that President Pedro Sánchez has convened with the autonomies to assess how to face the sixth wave of the covid will focus attention.

Oil is trading mixed, trying to recover lost positions. WTI crude is trading at $ 71 and Brent at $ 73.

The Spanish bond and the rest of the benchmark debt in the euro area have tightened in the last hours of generalized sales in the secondary market, and interest has risen to December highs. In the case of 10-year Spanish debt, it has gone to 0.44%, while that of Italy exceeds 1%.

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