Sunday, October 2

The lottery returns the favor to the most supportive baker in Basauri



Israel Campos He has been selling fresh bread for 13 years to the residents of Basauri in Vizcaya. He is also one of the best-known bakers in the town because for several years now he leaves every afternoon at the door of his bakery all the bread that he has not sold so that whoever needs it can take it. And this morning the lottery has returned, in the form of money, a good part of that solidarity.

His bakery, Delkar y Campos, is right next to the administration number 3 of Basauri, which today has distributed more than 200 million of the second prize, but he had not bought any ticket there so when at 10:48 he left the 72119

it has not been taken for granted. “It was a client, who is a friend, who came and told me it was the number of the handball club,” he explains, still excited.

And then yes, he could no longer contain the tears of emotion. The club’s players are regular customers of his establishment and this time he had bought two shares from them. “In total they have touched me 30,000 euros,” he adds.

The money also comes to you at the best time. “I couldn’t be happier,” he explains, his voice still shaking. In four months her second daughter will be born “and any help is welcome,” she tells us. “We already have a fifteen-month-old baby and I work and I make an effort every day so that nothing is missing,” he explains. The 30,000 euros will make life more comfortable for him from now on, but he assures that his life is to be a baker. And that is why he will continue working and leaving the bread every afternoon at the door of the bakery.

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