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This is how the Christmas Lottery prizes have been distributed by provinces




Little by little the millions have rained throughout the morning throughout Spain, although unevenly. In order not to fail tradition, Madrid is one of the most graceful in the Christmas Lottery Draw, although it seems that Fat
He has traveled by train to other provinces and has distributed his luck even more.

The one that has not been scattered is the second prize, who has touched entirely in the Biscayan town of Basauri, as well as the fifth fifth and the sixth fifth, which have only fallen in Santa Ponça and San Pedro Alcántara.


Huelva has distributed more than 4 million euros this year. Luck has come to the province hand in hand with the second fourth prize and, above all, thanks to the first prize, the Gordo.

The good news for
has arrived with the fourth prize, the most distributed of the entire 2021 Christmas Lottery draw with the permission of the Fat Traveler. In total, between the capital and Gerena, in Seville they will stayat least three million euros, which correspond to the grand prizes.

166.000 euroshas fallen in the province of
this Wednesday, December 22. Luck has come hand in hand with the first fourth prize, 42833, and two fifth prizes, 92052 and 89109.

Málaga has distributed more than several million euros thanks to three fourth prizes and a fifth. Especially the latter, the 69457, which has left no less than 10,320,000 euros in San Pedro Alcantara, the one town in Spain where this number has fallen.

Córdoba it has been one of the least graceful regions. The province has had to settle for 26,000 euros divided into two tenths. Both El Gordo, as well as the second and third prize have resisted in the Andalusian region.

Jaén has distributed a total of 6,860,000 euros. Luck has come this year to the province thanks to the second fourth prize and the first fifth.

More than a shower of millions – a somewhat hackneyed phrase, we are not going to deny it -,
you have seen intermittent showers of banknotes fall in your region. To be more specific, the province has received two rooms between its borders (the first, 42833, and the second, 91179). A total of 120,000 euros. ThefifthsThey have also passed through the south, although with a somewhat lower number. The first and eighth have left an amount of 12,000 euros.

Almeria has distributed more than 10 million euros. Luck has come to the province hand in hand with the third prize, the one that has distributed the most money in the different towns where luck has accompanied them.


Huesca has distributed 20,000 euros. Luck has come to the province hand in hand with the second fourth prize, of which a tenth of a series was sold.

2021 has not been the year of Zaragoza. The mañas province has only obtained a winning number in one of the fifths.

Bad fortune for Teruel. The province has not been able to open the champagne to celebrate any of the great prizes


The two fourth and two fifth prizes have left a good sum of money in Asturias. While it is true that both Oviedo and Gijón, the most populated cities in the region, it has not been where the most awards have fallen. Meanwhile, in Avilés, the third largest city in Asturias. In this town, located west of Gijón, no more and no less than 3,600,000 euros in total have fallen thanks to 89109, the eighth fifth prize; undoubtedly the most graceful of the Sweepstakes.


The town of Santa Ponsa (Mallorca) has been one of the best stops, the only one of the Balearic Islands awarded. And it is that this territory, with a census of 10,736, has gone to one of the eight fifth prizes.

Canary Islands

The palmsIt has been one of the great gracefuls. In this province, 218,500,000 euros have been distributed.

Santa Cruz of Tenerifehas distributed 720,000 euros. The two fourth prizes have been the ones that have left the most money in the different locations where there has been luck this year.


In Cantabria they have fallen 12.98 million euros. Most come from the first fourth prize, which has distributed 8.8 million euros in the autonomous community which, in addition, has been one of the few in which a Gordo has fallen that, in this edition, has been monopolized almost by Complete by the cities of Madrid and Las Palmas.

Castile and Leon

Luck has not misbehaved with León. More than two million euros have been distributed in the province of León.

The grand prizes have long passed in

For empty Spain luck has passed, at least this year, by glancing. In Soria they have only fallen, at least from the grand prizes, 40,000 euros, two tenths of a fourth prize, the 91179.

Salamanca has been a fortunate province, since the inhabitants of Peñaranda de Bracamontethey have won, almost entirely, one of the fifth prizes, 34345. Also in Peñaranda they have played a pinch of one of the rooms, 42833. The charro capital has had to settle for a fifth that has passed sideways, the 89109. In total, 7,826 million euros have fallen in the province.

On this occasion, Zamora has seen the first prizes of the draw pass by. However, the fourth prize has been seen, with the number 42,833, and the fifth prize, with the number 89109.

In Burgos they have barely been able to taste the honeys from the rain of millions that are distributed this December 22. In this province, only ten buyers – or perhaps less – have been the winners, since a single lottery administration has distributed ten tenths of the 34345, awarded with a fifth prize.

In Segovia, luck has remained in El Espinar, where they have touched nine million euros of a fourth prize, 42833, which has been sold in shares of the Club Unión Deportiva El Espinar San Rafael, as reported by the president of the club, Antonio Wall.

A total of 152,000 euros has landed in Valladolid. The 26711, one of the fifths, is the one that has left the most money, with 120,000 euros. The fourth prize, with the number 42833, has left 20,000 euros and the fifth 12,000.

Little prize for Ávila, although something has fallen. Only the first fourth prize, corresponding to 42833, has made money there.

Castilla la Mancha

Nothing more and nothing less than 200,000 euros. That has been the total amount distributed by Administration number 9 of Guadalajara, located in the Alamín neighborhood. It has been the only series that has fallen in the province thanks to the first fourth prize

Luck has not been entirely elusive with Cuenca and has left a pinch of fortune. The grand prize that he has played has been the first quarter of the morning, which has gone to the lucky ones who have acquired the number 42833 (widely distributed between Segovia and Cantabria). In total, this figure has left 220,000 euros in the province.

Toledo has distributed a total of580.000 euros. The first fourth prize, 42833, has been the one that has left the most money in the province.

Ciudad Real has had to settle for 2 million euros. The La Mancha town has not won any of the great prizes. Neither the Fat, nor the second nor the third. On the contrary, he has touched a fourth, which has fallen to Daimiel, and a fifth prize.

Luck has smiled a bit on Albacete, distributing 40,000 euros among its administrations thanks to the fourth prize, 42833.


The goddess Fortuna has barely perched her wings over Gerona. The Lottery has delivered only 60,000 euros in the province. It has been through the first fifth prize of the morning, 92052, the earliest award to be sung by the children of San Ildefonso at 9.23 am in the Royal Palace.

The luck of the Gordo has not been on the side of the province of Lleida, but 266,000 euros have also been given in this region.

Barcelona has been one of the most graceful provinces. Specifically, in this enclave more than 190 million euros have been distributed.

Vila-Nova has been the only point within the province of Tarragona that has been made with a pinch, specifically, with 200,000 euros, the result of the ten-tenths of the first room sold in the administration number 1 of the town, located in the Ramon d’Olzina avenue.

Valencian Community

Castellón has been one of the regions in which the 2021 Lottery has been less generous. Specifically, the province of Levante has received 140,000 euros during the day. In addition, he has not been lucky either with El Gordo, or with the second or third prize.

By contrast, Valencia has been one of the most graceful provinces in this draw, with more than 55 million euros received.

To AlicanteLuck has smiled a bit at him, distributing 5,160,000 euros.


98,000 euros have fallen in the province of Cáceres. Luck has come hand in hand with the first fourth prize, 42833, and two fifth prizes, 26711 and 89109.

The third prize went to the lucky few. And one of them was Badajoz. Thanks to 19517, Badajoz has taken a good pinch. Up to three administrations have sold 20 tickets with this number, awarded 50,000 euros each, making one million euros go to the city of Badajoz. In addition, the first fourth prize (42833) has left there up to 60,000 euros.


Orense has distributed 20,000 euros of the great prizes. Luck has come to the province with a tenth of a fourth prize.

The Extraordinary Draw this 2021 has left almost 900,000 euros in the province of La Coruña. Specifically, they have been 878,000 euros and the vast majority have gone to the town of La Coruña, where they have fallen 280,000 euros.

Pontevedra has distributed 26,652,000 million euros in the grand prizes. Luck has come to the province hand in hand with the second fourth prize, the one that has left the most money in the different winning locations.

Meanwhile, Lugo has only dropped three-fourth awards distributed among several small towns and Lugo capital, all belonging to number 42832.

Madrid’s community

The Community of Madrid has distributed more than 500 million euros. Exactly, the figure that the Raffle leaves this year in the region is 525,080,000 euros.


The Murcia region has distributed more than 30 million euros during the draw. Several fourth and fifth prizes have fallen in different locations and Murcia capital throughout the morning.


Luck has passed through Navarra, where no tenth of those sold has been graced.

Basque Country

From glances to luck in Álava. Only the administration number 2 of the town of Llodio has been awarded the first fourth prize, 42833.

Gipuzkoa has distributed a total of 3,660,000 euros thanks to two fifth prizes.

Vizcaya has distributed more than 222 million euros. The bulk of the lot has come to the province with the second prize, with the number 72119, which has irrigated the town of Basauri with 215 million euros.

The Rioja

Luck has smiled somewhat on La Rioja, as 280,000 euros were distributed among its administrations.

Ceuta and melilla

The great prizes have not traveled to any of the Spanish autonomous cities.

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