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Residential project in Colombia accepts payments with bitcoin

La Haus, a real estate company that operates in Colombia, announced the start of the pre-sale of a residential project that can be paid for with bitcoin (BTC). Transactions will be made through the OpenNode payment processor that operates under the Bitcoin Lightning network.

“Are you a lover of technology and innovations? Now La Haus offers you the opportunity to have access to reserve an apartment or make the separation using bitcoin”, this is how the company promotes it in its website.

The residential complex that bears the name Natura City, It will be located in the exclusive area of ​​Santa Marta, specifically in the Bellavista sector. The real estate company plans to deliver the apartments for June 2025.

Natura City will be composed of 184 homes with an average value of 2.19 BTC or 416 million Colombian pesos per property, according to the CriptoNoticias price index.

Mixed payments are allowed with bitcoin and Colombian pesos

The company founded in 2017 indicates that it allows a part of the payment in cryptocurrency and the other can be done through traditional means. The same happens with the section system: you can make the investment with bitcoin and the rest with Colombian pesos.

The apartments of the residential project, which will be located in Santa Marta, can be paid with bitcoin and Colombian pesos. Fountain: La house

The measures of the houses range from 76m² to 125m², consisting of 2 or 3 bedrooms with 2 or 4 bathrooms. Nowadays, 153 out of 184 available apartments remain, according details La house.

The real estate company plans to expand this payment model to other cities in Colombia, like Medellín, Valle del Cauca and Bogotá.

The Haus also has a presence in Mexico, the country where they began with the pilot tests to begin receiving payments with bitcoin in a housing development located in Playa del Carmen, a fact reported by CriptoNoticias last month.

Steps to acquire homes with bitcoin

The people that wish to acquire the apartments with bitcoinThey should visit the La Haus website. There, choose the Natura City pre-sale option, where your personal data will be requested to reserve the home for 48 hours.

Then, it is necessary to select the apartment model of your choice and complete the rest of the requested information. After completing the previous step, you will access the option to pay with bitcoin, where you only need to scan the QR code with your wallet, and select a payment option, it can be through the Lighting network or on-chain.

Finally, the buyer will receive an email confirming the operation, with project details and the separation of the apartment.

OpenNode gains acceptance in Latin America

As mentioned at the beginning, the payment processor OpenNode works together with La Haus in Colombia and Mexico, but it also has a presence in other Latin American countries, especially in El Salvador. where bitcoin is legal tender.

In the Central American nation OpenNode is used by fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.


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