Sunday, August 14

The new trailer for ‘Uncharted’ gives clues about its plot and proposes Tom Holland as a Nathan Drake different from the games

As the premiere approaches on February 18, we are learning more about the film that will adapt ‘Uncharted’ and that He has been stumbling for years with different scripts, different protagonists and projects that have been transformed. So many doubts and mutations are not surprising: it is one of the most beloved franchises among Sony’s exclusive games catalog and it is normal to want to make a leap to the big screen at the height of the circumstances.

This new trailer makes it clear that they are not going to skimp on spectacularity or media, but also puts on the table that the Nathan Drake that we are going to find in the cinema is not the same one of video games. The choice of Tom Holland to play the adventurer leaves aside the sarcastic character and experience of his equivalent in games, and although the protagonist of the latest trilogy of ‘Spider-Man’ can sustain the weight of the film, the differences are obvious.

500 years of moves

The truth is that this ‘Uncharted’ belongs to a subgenre in which it has no shortage of competitors, and although the times of Indiana Jones are over, comparisons are inescapable in a landscape where exotic adventurers abound. One of the last was The Rock and ‘Jungle Cruise’, but here we have even greater support in an all-star cast (Holland is joined by Mark Wahlberg and a very appropriate Antonio Banderas as a villain) and the inevitable nods to iconic video game sequences and tics.

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