Sunday, August 14

A robbery leaves the children of the most deprived neighborhood of Barcelona without Christmas gifts




The Joan Salvador Gavina Foundation Barcelona suffered a robbery this Thursday at his premises in the Raval neighborhood. In addition to telephones and a television, the thieves took dozens of new toys that the NGO had collected to make Christmas happier for the vulnerable children they serve. The thieves took about thirty toys that the little ones had asked for in their letters to the Magi.

As the entity’s spokeswoman, Olga Cubides, explained to ABC, the criminals could not take all the gifts that was in the place because a mother linked to the foundation intervened. She found a man guarding the door of the premises, asked him what he was doing and, when he went to seek help, the thieves fled with the gifts in tow.

Among the loot, they also took cash, computers, televisions and the transport cards of the children for the colonies and the school.

«We are sad and very surprised that things like this happen to people like us, who have been helping children of the Raval for 40 years. We are filled with sorrow, but at the same time a wave of solidarity with us is waking up. I’m not going to lie, tears have fallen and we can’t believe he stole our children’s toys on January 7th, but we will get by. The gifts had a name and a surname and they were what each child had asked of the Kings, ”acknowledges Cubides.

Unfortunately, this is the second theft suffered by the entity in ten days. On the eve of Christmas, this NGO installed in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Barcelona has already suffered another assault and an attempted occupation. Faced with all this, the neighborhood has reacted and several organizations and even the Mossos – which have their police station a few meters from the assaulted premises – have offered to help the children so that they do not run out of gifts.

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