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A superyacht of almost 60 meters covered with a retractable roof of solar panels: the new proposal of nautical luxury

Luxury – even super-luxury, within the reach of only a few lucky pockets – is not incompatible with environmental sensitivity. The Too Design studio and its founder, the veteran architect and designer Marco Casali, have just proved it with his latest proposal for an exclusive yacht of 56.7 meters. In addition to a spa, jacuzzi, gym, a saltwater pool, a bar counter and cabins that have nothing to envy to the rooms of a five-star hotel, the ship proposed by Casali and his team incorporates a wide deployment of solar panels.

The super yacht, christened VisionE And that for the moment we can enjoy as a concept, through futuristic renderings, it incorporates a curved roof covered with retractable panels that can take advantage of up to 62 kW of solar energy and supply the boat. In Superyacht Times they needHowever, although it offers the option of being propelled electrically, the ship has been conceived as a diesel-electric hybrid and can reach a speed of 14 knots.

Among other peculiarities, its hull stands out, designed to reduce the resistance of water, or its draft, of only 2.6 meters, a characteristic that –anota Interesting Engineering– which allows you to navigate in shallow waters, which is especially useful for getting around the Bahamas.

High-design luxury … and eco-friendly

Being retractable, the sunroof can be opened to expose a large terrace of almost 490 square meters equipped with hydromassage pool, outdoor dining room and lounge. It is not the only part of the yacht equipped with a hydraulic system that allows it to expand. Something similar happens with the balconies of the seven cabins, which –detalla Superyacht Times– can be folded. Another point where the Casali team has worked on versatility is on the deck.

“We think about how useless it is to have a freshwater pool on board a yacht that has to be continually filled and emptied. There is also the problem of access to fresh water, which is not always possible. However, the creation of a seawater pool gives owners and crew much more freedom and control, while using free ocean water. Furthermore, this pool is a garage that can be flooded and create a very safe access point to the water ”, explains the designer. in statements collected by Superyacht Times.

“The name, which in Italian means ‘vision’, represents a nautical evolution; an ecological, electrical and environmentally friendly vision: our visionE ”, comments Casali to Robb Report on the superyacht. When planning his propulsion, the designer partnered with Francesco Rogantin of Names Studio. “Francesco has a great experience in the field and has recently been working on other innovations”, abounds the founder of the Too Design studio, who slides that in the future the VisionE could even point to the use of hydrogen.

109 Pool

At the moment we only have infographics to enjoy the result and get an idea of ​​what the superyacht will look like; but the advance, of course, is surprising.

Cover photo: Marco Casali / Instagram

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