Tuesday, July 5

Apple workers announce strike and call for brand boycott on Christmas Eve

  • Employees of the tech giant demand a more respectful work culture, an increasingly shared protest in the tech sector

Something is changing in Silicon Valley. For years, tech giants from the United States have exported to the world a work culture in which a cult of business and hyper-efficiency has been advocated. However, more and more workers in the industry are organizing and protesting against an idealized model behind which there have been multiple abuses. It has been done by the employees of Amazon against exploitation, those of Google against racism and those of Activision Blizzard against sexual harassment. Now it is the turn of Apple.

On Thursday, a group of employees of the Cupertino, California manufacturer announced that they will go to the strike during Christmas Eve. The organization in defense of workers Apple Together has explained on Twitter that the intention of the protest is to demand a more respectful workplace and that the company on the block covers and pays sick leave.

Workers have also urged customers to conduct a boycott brand momentary as a pressure instrument. “Do not buy in stores or ‘online'”, they have asked. And is that many go to the Apple Store to buy last minute Christmas gifts, whether they are phones iPhone, laptops Mac or tablets iPad.

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Apple Toghether has also set up a fund in which they ask for financial aid to keep the protest against the tech giant afloat. This fund is shared with workers from Netflix They also demand an improvement in their working conditions in a country where the weight of the unions, and therefore of the legal representation of workers, is very limited.

It is not the first time that Apple employees have protested against the company. In June, 80 people denounced the decision to make them return to work in the office, a decision postponed after the irruption of the variant omicron of covid-19. In August, a group of workers launched a web portal to share and report bad experiences. The malaise in Silicon Valley is not something specific.


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