Tuesday, August 16

Branch of Lys



How disgusting the death of someone whom I did not know and whom I quote more than Churchill. It has happened to me with Ágata Lys the same as with Carrá. Surprise and regret. The Spanish woman died 40 days ago. In Benalmádena, at the age of 68. We have learned it from Valeria Vegas. A friend writes to me: «That Agatha Lys has died and you don’t tell me anything, bad person». Ágata is part of the sexual education of many Spaniards. Before the Mole Hands sang “you have to be a blonde once in your life” she was. While looking for life on television someone asked him: “Can you talk?” “Sure, I’m from Valladolid.” He was from Valladolid and

he had a perfect voice. It was for the ‘One, two, three’. Kiko Ledgard’s. The true ‘One, Two, Three’, I say as Anson with ABC. I was in Madrid with a deadline to be an actress and starving. He thought his father was not going to like the little secretary paper. She thought that if she turned blonde no one would recognize her. Also, he was going to wear the giant glasses. Of course, everyone recognized her and her father stopped talking to her (until he made a doña Inés). The new sex symbol ran for seven shows. But it happens like Farrah Fawcett in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and its only season. As if it had been the whole time.

Once retired (the last thing was ‘Amar en tiempo revolstos’, 2005-2006), I imagined her as Conchita Montenegro, denying her past. But not. There is an interview with Jaime Bores in 1998 from the program ‘As we were’ where they recovered an image of him in ‘Eva at ten’ (1975). He sang and danced on top of a piano. And there a tit came out before Sabrina. But that was cut off. And he said to Bores: “I have no children or grandchildren, but it is the image I would like you to see.”

The Calatrava brothers and Carlos Saura. Fernando León and Mario Camus. ‘Los santos inocentes’ (1984) is such a perfect film that it also has Alfredo Landa and Ágata Lys, transversal actors in Spanish cinema, the vice president of the strange prestige would say. He was recognized. She does not. And yes, I adore Ágata Lys.

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