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How to take clearer photos with your mobile

We are going to explain to you how to take clearer photos with your mobile, so that you can take full advantage of the capabilities of your camera. There are many tricks to take better photos with your mobile, but if you neglect the sharpness, what looks like a great photo on your mobile can turn into a blurry photo when you see it on a larger screen.

Therefore, we are going to give you the simplest tricks to take sharper photos. We will try to go to the basics and not complicate things too much, although they are still advice that you will be able to take into account or not depending on your needs. The idea is that less experienced users can take sharper photos without getting too complicated.

And if you are an expert photographer and there is some other trick that you think first time users should be aware of, We invite you to leave us your advice in the comments section. In this way, all readers will be able to benefit from the knowledge of our Xatakers.

Why sharpness matters

The screen of your mobile is small, and when you take a photo with it, you may see right away that everything seems perfect. But later, when we look at that photo on the computer we may notice that it is not so sharp, and it may be a little blurry or shaky.

In the end, if we are going to use that photo in a small size, this lack of sharpness may not be too noticeable. But if we are going to use it in an extended way, then you may want try to make it come out as sharp as possible to try to take advantage of every mega-pixel of your mobile’s camera.

Therefore, the sharpness is going to help the photo look its best when we enlarge it and view it on large screens or printed at a large size. And that’s why we are going to try to give you some tips to improve it. As we said at the beginning, then it will be up to you to decide which of them you are going to apply.

Make sure your lens is clean

The mobile phone is a device that we are always touching and moving, and today that usually have quite large camera lenses, it is common for us to leave a fingerprint or fingerprint from time to time without meaning to. Sometimes it can even be some dust or grease accumulated from carrying it in your pocket. And if we have the objective or the lens of the camera of the mobile dirty, then the photo may end up coming out not very sharp.

Here, although the typical resource of cleaning the lenses with your shirt can help you a little to improve the sharpness, if you want the photo to be as sharp as possible, the best is use a small microfiber cloth, and clean the objective lenses with it carefully.

Here, if you want to achieve maximum clarity, it is best to carry this small cloth in your pocket and try to clean the glass every time we go to take a photo. And in the end, there is nothing worse than the feeling of having taken a picture and then discovering that it has been blurred because the camera was a bit stained.

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If the mobile is new, do tests with the camera

If you have bought a new mobile, it is not a good idea to start taking pictures “seriously” without first having tried it. At the end, each mobile has different functions, such as different zoom levels or manual or semi-manual modes. And there may even be differences in some physical characteristics such as the focal length, which means that the photos from close up may have to be taken at a different distance or in a different way.

Therefore, the best thing is that try the mobile camera at home, that you play with their ways and their possibilities for, in the end, learn to use your camera before you want to go out to take pictures. Here anything goes, from chasing your cat one afternoon to make him the session of a lifetime to trying macros, and other types of photos with everyday objects.

The idea is that when you are later on the street or on a trip and you see a perfect moment to take a photo, no longer have to spend time looking for the mode you want to use or see how it will look better. If you have already been playing with the mobile camera and exploring it, everything will be much faster and you will not risk that the moment passes by configuring the capture.

Make sure you have a good grip on your mobile

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A problem when taking photos with the mobile is the lack of ergonomics and how light they are. When you take photos with a good professional camera, they usually have good grips to hold them and a good weight that makes it more stable in your hands. But with the mobile it is not the same, and if you do not hold it well in your hand it may not be completely still when taking the photo, which will affect the sharpness.

Ideally, you should practice a little, and look for a way to hold the mobile where it stays fixed and still, that does not shake, oscillate or move. It is difficult with the mobile, but it is quite important so that the photos are not blurred.

One tip might be to hold it like a compact camera. You can try using your left hand or as a base, and your right hand holding the right side with your free thumb to take the photo. And if you are a left-handed person, then the other way around. But this is only a recommendation, ideally, you should spend a little time looking for the best way to firmly hold the phone.

Don’t give up on the tripod

It is true that the good thing about the mobile is its lightness and being able to always carry it with you without complications, so thinking about a tripod can give you some laziness. But in those moments when good sharpness is imperative, using a tripod is still the best solution you will be able to find.

Fortunately for everyone, there are a lot of small mobile-specific tripods today in case you don’t want to lug around a heavy one. The only precaution you should have is that it has a good grip, and that the mobile does not fall. In addition, you must be careful to avoid holding it in a way in which it touches the physical buttons of the mobile.

And when you go to use the tripod, it is also recommended to use the timer of the mobile to take the photo. Because in the end, you may have your mobile on the tripod, but if you touch the screen a little hard you may move it when taking the photo, and you can also end up with the photo a little less sharp.

Learn to understand light



The last tip is perhaps the most technical and complex, but if you have some knowledge or want to learn it, it may be useful. In summary, photos will be sharper if you control the light. Photos with good lighting will always be less sharp than those with the best possible light, ideally natural light.

Good light means that the mobile camera does not have to force results, and uses its native sensitivities. In addition, the textures of the elements will be more defined. A good professional flash can also help, but the best is forget about the front flash of your mobile unless you want experimental. Normally this flash doesn’t help much.

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