Friday, July 1

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God came out of himself at Christmas. He had a son and suffered with us. He gave us this suffering so that we could learn to live in others. So that we understand that the first sense of transcendence is that the soul does not fit only in a body. The only glory is specified in the other. I know a father and mother who have been separated in the most terrible way. The inclemency, the reproaches, the rage. The last time I saw them they were fighting over who would spend Christmas with their daughter. Today I have spoken with them and they are already fighting for Reyes. They both say it is because they love her, but they suffer so much that they do not give

Realize that they cannot get out of their pain and that they are only projecting resentment and hatred. For them Jesus has not yet been born. For them the victory of Christmas has not taken place. They are not yet humble portal. Agonizing locked up is the opposite of growing in others. You have to prepare your heart for Christmas but not because God says so but because the opposite of God is Evil. You have to live in your daughter because insulting your ex-husband is not fighting for her and I really know what she is suffering. I can’t ask you to have faith or to believe that Santa Claus has come to town tonight. But I can show you the total devastation of when you are still the most important thing in your life, this little me that fills our hearts and empties our souls. I cannot ask you to stay in love with your ex-wife but I can explain the detailed map of hell that is for your daughter that despite the marital breakup you have not kept the family together. The Birth is the fundamental act of Christianity and the Passion is its meaning. In the first instant, God gives himself to us; in the second, we open ourselves to him. Both are one thing and the same, and in a daily way we live them together, and we are at the same time hope and redemption, sacrifice and the joy of seeing how the sacrifice bears fruit and becomes love. This is Christmas and this is what each and every one of us is. The most important thing about God is your daughter. Without him, you are just two poor blind men fighting in the most sordid of corners while she cries alone, without ox or mule, in the center of the world.

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